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St Bede’s dig deep for CAFOD

April 15, 2014


The children of St Bede’s Catholic Primary School in Clayton Green near Chorley have raised a whopping £1657.79 for the CAFOD Dig Deep campaign. The reception class alone raised £560. They held a day of sponsored events:

-Reception went on a sponsored walk with their Year 6 Friends

-Years 1,3 and 4 did various sponsored sporting events some wearing oneises!

-Year 2 filled two large outlines of Africa with different coins.

The children also brought in food each Friday to support the parish collection for a local food bank.

Many thanks to all the children, staff and parents at St Bede’s for your wonderful generosity!

Have a happy Easter!


April 9, 2014

Two students, Matthew and Phil, from Carmel College, St Helens recently visited the houses of Parliament with CAFOD. Here is an account of their day in their own words…..

Young people visit parliament-21


“In late March, myself and another member of my college’s student council were given the opportunity to attend a CAFOD youth event for two days, which for me was incredibly exciting because I would like to go into international development and work for NGOs and charities such as CAFOD.

The first day was based in the CAFOD HQ in London, and started with some quick icebreakers to meet the fellow 33 students attending the event, followed by a tour of the building and it was insightful to see the wide variety of jobs that needed to be done there, for example apart from those involved in maintaining and operating CAFOD’s humanitarian missions, there was an IT department, educational outreach department and theological department, which certainly looked very intriguing.

Following this, we had three workshops. The first was all about how to effectively campaign and lobby MPs – this was in part a preparation for the next day where we did actually get to meet some MPs. I took from this that actually contacting MPs, our link to parliament, can bring about real changes and so I have signed up to become a CAFOD MP correspondent.

After this we had a workshop where we learnt all about how government works using a rather controversial (though fortunately hypothetical) example. We were split into groups that represented the different parts of government, my group was given the role as the Secretary of State for International Development and were tasked with trying to convince the rest of the groups into abolishing the 0.7% aid budget, which was difficult for me as I am very much for the aid budget, however it was interesting and useful to get to consider views opposite to mine. This workshop became rather heated as the rest of the groups didn’t agree with my groups opinion and to be honest it was nice to see a majority of people passionate for keeping the aid budget.

The final workshop was all about using social media effectively and we learnt the impact that things like twitter, facebook and press releases can have, and we drafted potential press releases to be sent to our local newspapers. This taught the importance of ‘getting the message across’ which is so vital for charities in order to have a supply of donation so that they can continue to be the voice of the voiceless.

Young people visit parliament-6d


The next day was rather exciting as this all took place in parliament. Firstly, we had a Q&A session with the Speaker of the House, John Bercow, and he started by thanking us and emphasising the need for young people to be getting involved in things like charities or politics.

Next was a tour of the Houses of Parliament and then some of us, myself included, were lucky enough to get tickets to get to sit in on Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons. I had seen debates at the House of Commons before, but nothing really prepared me for the actual thing, seeing politicians partaking in the rather unique way of doing business was quite enlightening and I can now say I have been in the same room as David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, among others.

Finally was the chance to get to meet some MPs, in which questions relating to both international development and politics in general were asked.

I asked an MP if he though Britain had done enough, or if Britain should have done anything differently in terms of meeting the Millennium Development Goals, and he replied that he thought Britain was a leading figure in international development as we are one of few nations that actually upholds our commitment to dedicating 0.7% of our GDP to international aid. However he said he thought conflict was often missed out of the equation and told from his own experience the harrowing effects of conflict on a country. Later I asked another MP if she thought Britain had a duty to take more of a role in preventing and dealing with serious conflict abroad, such as the recent fights between Christians and Muslims in the CAR and she replied she thinks maybe more of our aid budget and also our military expertise should be directed to African Union and UN peacekeeping forces, who have come a long way.

I can honestly say my time at CAFOD was one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had, and it just confirmed, if not strengthened, my ambition of going into international development and working for NGOs and charities and perhaps in the future I may get to work for CAFOD. I’m very grateful to the CAFOD youth team for organising the event and also my college chaplain for suggesting it to me and I’d recommend it to anybody, regardless of whether they are interested in foreign aid or not”



“Over the dates 25-26th, CAFOD hosted a parliamentary trip to London, to lobby our MP’s against climate change in developing countries. I found the experience quite enjoyable as I was able to talk to my MP, George Howarth (pictured above in the middle), and get his views on the current issue of climate change in developing countries. The previous day was full of workshops, where we learnt how to write press releases, role-play various roles in parliament, and the overall cause that CAFOD is fighting for. I can’t express how helpful it was to both my colleague, Matt, and I in learning how to establish a career in politics or in international development”.

Thanks to both Philip and Matthew for their engaging and inspirational accounts. 



Didn’t they do well?!?

April 7, 2014

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It was a case of “nice to see you, to see you, nice” yesterday when St Michael’s Irish Centre put on a fundraiser to raise money for the people of the Philippines. We had a guest of honour in the form of Bruce Forsyth. Yes he may have retired from Strictly Come dancing but he made the trip especially for the people of Liverpool yesterday to host ‘Play your cards right.’ Okay it wasn’t really Bruce but a guy called Kevin who sadly lost his tupee so had to wear a dishcloth on his head (but it did look realistic on stage). Other highlights included entertainment from Mossy & Patsys Irish Disco show, Comhaltas musicians and dancers from the Bolger-Cunningham school of dancing. There was also an auction, a raffle, a bring and buy stall and even 2 games of bingo. Altogether £3000 was raised for the CAFOD Philipinnes Appeal. Special thanks to Finnbar Stewart who organsied the event! As Bruce would say “Didn’t he do well!”

The Beloved Disciple by Fr Tom Cullinan

April 1, 2014

This letter was shared during a talk given at St Paul’s Book Liverpool by Fr Tom Cullinan on 19th March 2014. It is reproduced here in full with the kind permission of Fr Tom

 “If you have seen a crucifixion my friend, you will have some idea of what those next three hours were like. I shall not say more except that for me the most poignant moment was when Jesus gave his mother to me and me to her.”

The Last Supper

The Beloved Disciple


Carmel College students hunger for change at the House of Commons

April 1, 2014

 Young people visit parliament-4d

Young CAFOD supporters from Liverpool Archdiocese have given politicians food for thought at a meeting in Parliament on the issue of global hunger.

Matthew and Phil, from Carmel College, St Helens, were amongst thirty-four students who met MPs and peers at a national  event in Parliament on Wednesday 26 March. The event was organised by CAFOD as part of our Hungry for Change campaign – calling on the Prime Minister to provide greater support to small-scale farmers, who are being hit first and worst by the effects of climate change.

Phil said, ” The Young People in Parliament event taught me that CAFOD isn’t just there to help other countries, but also there to teach young adults. I can’t help but say thank you so much for giving me and others this chance. I know I’ll be helping out with CAFOD a lot more – through campaigning and becoming an MP Correspondent.”

The young people toured the Houses of Parliament, watched Prime Minister’s Questions, and had a private audience with the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Bercow MP. Before visiting Parliament, the students took part in workshops to learn about how campaigning can make a difference to the decisions taken in Parliament, as well as how they could use the trip as an opportunity to put their faith into action.

Matthew explained, “Since I want to go into international development, getting a chance to see a development charity, parliament, and how the two are related was such an interesting and inspiring opportunity. Furthermore, Prime Minister’s Questions was incredibly interesting to see. I feel very privileged to be able to say I was in the same room as people like Ed Miliband and David Cameron and got to see firsthand what went on in the House of Commons.”

CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign calls for major changes in the global food system so that it benefits everyone. CAFOD supporters are calling on the Prime Minister to champion empowering aid for small-scale farmers, especially women, and checks on the power of global food companies.

Thank you so much to Matthew and Phil for representing Liverpool Archdiocese!

The CAFOD Clothes show!

March 26, 2014

The parish of St Margaret Clitherow held  another ‘wardrobe De-clutter sale’ on the 14th and 15th March in St Richard’s Parish Centre, Atherton to raise money for CAFOD. Pictured below are just a selection of photographs  showing the various helpers, advertising and one of the young shoppers. A grand total of £1020.81 was raised for Connect2:Ethiopia! Many thanks to all the volunteers who made the evnet such a success!

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Broughton Hall Bake-off (and not a soggy bottom in sight)!

March 20, 2014

The staff at Broughton Hall had a bake-off on Monday to raise money for CAFOD! The event was the brain child of two year 10 girls who organised the whole event with the help of the chaplain Sheila. 16 staff  entered and waited anxiously while the tasters made their deliberations. Unfortunately Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood were busy so deputy head  Mr Preston, Head of Food technology Mrs Fox and CAFOD’s very own James stepped upto the plate (get it?!?). After a tense wait, the winners were announced.

Winners in the different sections were:

  • For Creativity=Mr Chesworth (Science Technician)
  • For Presentation=Mrs Tomlinson (Food technology teacher)
  • For Flavour=Mrs Spike (Head of RE)

The overall winners were Mrs Tait (year 7 learning support manager) and Mrs Hible (Graphic and RM Design Technology teacher).

The winners were crowned with a glorious medal and also received certificates. After the bake-off all the cakes were sold. Over £150 was raised during the afternoon!

Thanks again to everyone who took part. As you can see from the photos below, the cakes were absolutely scrumptious! Yum Yum!

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The Romero Lecture 2014

March 5, 2014

romero 2

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies, in conjunction with Liverpool Archdiocese Justice & Peace Commission and The Archbishop Romero Trust, has the pleasure to host the Romero Lecture with Father Martin Maier SJ. Fr Martin Maier, a liberation theologian will be speaking on Thursday 20th March 2014 at 7pm at the Eden Lecture Theatre, Hope University, Hope University, Hope Park, L16 9JD. The theme of the lecture is ‘A church for the poor-Romero’s witness to the joy of the gospel.’

Fr Martin Maier SJ is a German Jesuit with an international reputation as a liberation theologian with first hand experience of political oppression. While he is currently rector of Berchmanskollegs, an institute of theology in Munich, he spent a long time in El Salvador, and continued serving while persecution was strife. He continues to do a lot in El Salvador, including teaching a theology course and ministering at the weekends at the same parish where he was originally a Parish Priest. In addition to this, he has been a visiting professor at the Central American University in San Salvador. He was curate to one of the Jesuits who was murdered by the regime in El Salvador in 1989.

 The Annual Mass in remembrance of Archbishop Oscar Romero is also taking place on Sunday 23rd March from 10:30-12 at St Anne and St Bernard, Overbury Street, Edge Hill, Liverpool, L8 2TY. Refreshments will be available after mass.

For more information about both events, please phone 0151 522 1080 or email

St Aidan’s go bananas for Fairtrade Fortnight!

March 3, 2014

St Aidan’s Parish and school in Winstanley, Wigan went bananas for Fairtrade Fortnight on Friday 28th February when they had a fair-trade coffee morning. The children and parishioners were also joined by Councillor Paul Kelly and the guest of honour was baby Celeste (her name means heavenly) aged 6 weeks. A big thanks to volunteer Pat Boyle for such a fabulous morning!

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Selling like hot cakes

February 24, 2014

Big thanks to Holy Family Church in Boothstown who had their monthly cake sale to raise money for CAFOD yesterday. One word: Yum!

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