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Remembering Rwanda – 20 years on

April 4, 2014


Remembering Rwanda -20 years on

Originally posted on CAFOD blog:

by Rob Rees, Former Africa Programme Officer

Rob Rees, Former Africa Programme Officer, CAFODI first became involved in Rwanda in July 1994, some two or three months after the start of the horrific events in that landlocked country, the full scale of which had not, by that time, reached the wider world.

I was Programme Officer for CAFOD’s work in Tanzania and one of our main partners there, Caritas Tanzania, had alerted the international Caritas network of the huge influx of refugees who had crossed into Northwestern Tanzania.

At the time the media focus wasn’t on this neighbouring country, but inside Rwanda and what was then Zaire, as news reports tried to grapple with what was happening, reporting daily stories of horrific killings and survival against all the odds.

Tanzania during the Rwandan genocide

Northwestern Tanzania was a neglected and under-developed region at that time, with very poor infrastructure. There was no spare capacity to be…

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The Passover of Jesus 5 Talks on the Gospel

March 5, 2014

The Passover of Jesus 5 Talks on the Gospel


December 5, 2013

Joseph the Musical


On Sunday 8 December at 7:30pm the students will put on a performance of this great Old Testament story.

Entry is free but there will be a retiring collection for the CAFOD’s Philippines Disaster Fund

Everyone is welcome!

Philip Neri House    30 Catharine Street     Liverpool     L8 7NL



October 9, 2013

The Dream Team at St Bede’s Ormskirk has been very very busy. The team is a group of senior pupils who meet weekly to plan and organise charity events within the school.
CAFOD’s Chris Lappine visited the school on the 4th October to talk to Y9 students and collect this amazing cheque of £2,975.45 !

£1,319.00 of which was for CAFOD’s Syria Appeal.

Many many thanks to everyone for their tremendous team work.

St Bede’s Mission Statement is

“Christ is at the centre of our lives”.

Thank you for taking part in the Big IF Rally

June 12, 2013

ADMIN cafod:

Eilidh Macpherson from the campaigns team says thank you, with the highlights of the Big IF G8 Rally in Hyde Park.

Originally posted on CAFOD Leeds' Blog:

Saturday was an  incredible day. We have been working towards this day for many months. But it still felt pretty surreal, standing in Hyde Park, the Big IF G8 Rally *finally* happening. 

About the author:Eilidh Macpherson is a campaigner working in London

Watch the highlights of the Big IF G8 Rally.

If you like the film, please share far and wide!     

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It was last August that I went to my first Enough Food For Everyone … IF campaign meeting, and I remember feeling overwhelmed by the task in front of us.

I was a student in Edinburgh during Make Poverty History. I still remember being blown away by the scale of that day: the numbers of people that had travelled from all over the country, the atmosphere of ambition and solidarity, as well as the inspiring speakers.

Big protests and mobilisations are important times. They’re moments when…

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June 10, 2013

Campaigner Chris 2013 Would you believe it

On Saturday morning 8th June I woke early and realised I had laryngitis and had lost my voice.  Needed to rely on my great colleague James to do all the verbal communications when we met up with our supporters to travel to London.  Undeterred this didn’t stop me making lots of noise in Hyde Park.  I had my wonderful whistle. This has travelled to many rallies including of course Make Poverty History and The Wave.  It was bought on the 16th May 1998 from a small stall as we left our coach and headed off into Birmingham city centre to join the rally for the Drop the Debt Jubilee Campaign .  I remember thinking “ probably won’t use it” and popped it into my bag.  How wrong I was.  We joined thousands of people making a nine mile human chain banging pots and pans, blowing hooters and waving klaxtons,  rattling chains and old wooden footy rattles !   Birmingham evokes very precious memories of the joy of uniting with like minded friends who work tirelessly for justice.  Last Saturday it happened again. There was a deep well of love for humanity that united over 45,000 people in London’s Hyde Park.  It gives us great hope and encouragement as we continue to dream for a world without hunger. We have enough food for everyone, yet one in eight people go to bed hungry each night.

IF we all speak out together in 2013 we can make our world leaders change the future.

A favourite hymn of mine is Breathe on me breath of God …  that I may love what Thou does love,  And do what Thou wouldst do…..

Even though I didn’t have  a voice for the voiceless on Saturday it didn’t matter I had my breath and  the wonderful whistle worked it’s magic once again !

Chris Lappine


May 28, 2013

The CAFOD Support Shop opened on Monday 1st June 1993. It poured with rain all day but business was steady and the takings totalled £160.00!

The official opening was performed by CAFOD Director Julian Filochowski on Saturday 12th June 1993. In a short ceremony, which concluded with the cutting of a CAFOD cake, Mgr George Mooney gave the shop a special blessing. MP Joe Benton, Fr Dave Gamble, Deacon Peter Callaghan, Cllr Paul Cummins and CAFOD Regional Organiser Vin McMullen.
were also present.

Julian’s message was that the shop was truly a pioneering venture, one that would be watched closely by many people in the months ahead.

20 years on the shop continues to flourish and bear great fruit for CAFOD’s family throughout the world.
chris bain and harry wallace

At the present time Harry Wallace one of the pioneers back in 1993 pictured here with CAFOD’s Director Chris Bain isn’t too well and we would ask you to remember him in your prayers.

Frances and Margaret Shop 29 05 2013

Pictured here Margaret and Frances part of the Tuesday Team.


April 18, 2013


March 7, 2013


Unfortunately due to illness Jan Grafius is unable to visit Our Lady’s Mayfield Avenue Widnes on Thursday 21st March.

Jan is the Curator of relics at Stoneyhurst College and  has visited El Salvador three times to work on the conservation of the relics of Archbishop Romero

and the murdered Jesuits.On her first visit to San Salvador in 2007, Jan began the delicate task of examining the vestments worn by the 20th century

martyr whenhe was assassinated while celebrating Mass. She spent many hours working in the three small rooms at the Cancer Hospital of the Carmelite Sisters

where Archbishop Romero lived in great simplicity. Close by is the chapel where he was murdered on 24 March 1980.

Hopefully Jan will be able to come later in the year.

We wish her well !


February 28, 2013


Looking to refresh your wardrobe?  Please come  along to a “Vintage & Nearly New Clothes Fayre”

at Holy Family Parish Hall (behind Holy Family Church, Chaddock Lane, Boothstown, Manchester)

on Sunday 3rd March between 10am and 2pm and grab a bargain dress or some new accessories.

Men’s clothing will also be on sale.

All proceeds go to CAFOD.



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