2017 Fun Run Poster Released

Today (October 12th) marks 76 days until our 2017 Fun Run, which will take place as usual on Decmeber 27th at the Wavertree Athletics Centre.

We are delighted to be able to reveal the poster for the event this year.


We would like to say a big thank you to Sue Flannery and her team at Cyber Frog Design for the great job they have done designing this year’s poster!Back

You can download the poster by clicking here and you can download the registration form by clicking here or you can email us at liverpool@cafod.org.uk or phone us on 0151 228 4028.

We hope very much to see you on the day!

More details to come!

Creation Time Resource a Hit!

4th October marked the end of Creation Time, which began on 1st September. In his encyclical letter, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis urges us to review how we live in the face of the damage being done to our planet, now and in the future, through climate change. He reminds us that the consequences of climate change will affect us all, but will be worst for those in the poorer parts of the world, who have not only done the least to cause the problem but have also benefited least from the changes which have caused it.


The Creation Time Resource

CAFOD and the Liverpool Archdiocese Justice and Peace Commission have created a second resource for Creation Time, which gives parishes and other groups the opportunity to reflect on the Gospel readings for Creation Time in terms of Laudato Si’. This wonderful resource consists of gospel readings for the Sundays throughout Creation Time, excerpts from Laudato Si’, stories to illustrate some of the issues, prayers and some challenging questions for discussion. The aim is to help us to become better informed and to use this knowledge to work towards combating climate change, its causes and its consequences, just as Pope Francis has urged.


A poster showing information about the resource and sessions

Several parishes have participated in this year’s Creation Time, and have had some fantastic sessions following the resource. The resource has had some really positive feedback from the parish groups that have used it this year, especially from St Wilfrid’s in Widnes. Pauline Rolt, CAFOD volunteer, used the resource with members of the bible group, she said “most of the group have never used this type of resource before and they’ve really enjoyed it”. There was also plenty of positive feedback from other members of the group, with Mary describing the resource as “very good, thought provoking as it encourages open discussion, especially on today’s world”. Phil added, “It dovetails in well with our LiveSimpy initiative… I was drawn to go to the LiveSimply launch evening having participated in the Creation Time reflections”. Jean agreed, saying “We want more!”

The sessions themselves have also been particularly successful and the resulting discussions have prompted deeper considerations for the environment; following the sessions at St Edmunds, Sheila Cogley, CAFOD Volunteer, said “We are going to put a practical hint/Eco Tip into the newsletter over the coming weeks, for example this week’s will be to sign the Power to Be cards which we’re handing out”. She added, “We have found the materials to be very good at leading us through the issuesCreat time from a number of different perspectives and as to be expected our discussions have also branched out according to individual’s knowledge and experiences.”


More positive feedback came from Peter and Julie Galloway, who arranged sessions at St Joseph’s in Leigh. The sessions were promoted to the parish by Fr Colin during mass and held weekly. Peter said “In the first session we spent a long time on reflecting on the gospel, and had a brief discussion about food and meat, before enjoying the closing prayer”. He concluded that throughout the sessions, the group “spent much time on gratitude for what we do have and we will all try to implement the action.” They have also sent a follow-up email to Michael Gove and to the local Council to encourage greater recycling of plastic.

Steve Atherton, the Justice and Peace Fieldworker for the Liverpool Archdiocese said “we recieved very positive evaluations from the St John’s group including “Thought provoking … Challenging … It helped to make us more conscious of the damage we do to the world … Encouraged me to find out more … The prayers are quite beautiful … Reinforces the idea that we are stewards … We need to develop habits of care … It’s the poor who always suffer …everything is interconnected and everything has a cost … Brings home individual responsibility and made me think about what we can do by way of shopping, etc … We would like more of the same.”


Details of the follow up meeting!

Following on from previous Creation Time courses, participants from all over the Archdiocese were keen to share their experiences of using the resource, and to exchange ideas for the next resource. This year there will be a follow up meeting for everyone who has taken part in the course. This will be held on 28th October 2017, 11am – 1.30pm at St Anne’s Church, Overbury Street, Liverpool L7 3HJ and there will be a shared lunch at the end. If you have taken part in Creation Time please do come along and share your ideas and food in a simple meal, everyone is welcome!

For more information please contact Steve on 0151 522 1080, or Ged on 0151 228 4028.

Update about #FicaMaua

22228324_1910300272621361_3294563816574675513_nGood news from Brazil! The planned eviction for the Maua community has been temporarily suspended for thirty days so we are extending the campaign, thank you to everyone who has already got involved across the diocese!

The Maua community currently resides in the Maua building in the centre of Sao Paulo. The building was originally a hotel but was left empty for 17 years, until over 200 families renovated it and moved in in 2007. Since then, they have been desperately trying to win their legal rights to live there and have recently been engaging in negotiations with the authorities. The situation has now become urgent as a shock eviction notice has been givenFM2 to the community, meaning that 237 families, over 1000 people, now face being forced out of their homes by police.

The eviction order was originally set for 22nd October, but it has just been temporarily suspended until 21st November 2017. The leading judge on the case granted the temporary suspension on the grounds of public interest, considering the situation of vulnerability of the families living there, including the almost 200 children, many of whom would lose their school year.

The reprieve is a result of the ongoing campaigning by the families and supporters, as well as meetings with authorities. On Monday, families camped outside the Courts of Justice in FM3Sao Paulo to pressure the judges to stop the eviction. The Municipality is preparing a new offer and negotiations continue to try and reach an agreement with the owners for the purchase of the building.

Neti de Araujo, a community leader within the Maua community who has met with CAFOD supporters in the past has said “We have been given a reprieve. We thank all those who have supported us. The struggle continues. We will continue organising ourselves to demand our rights.”

“I want to thank everyone, first of all to God, a wonderful God that we have, and then to all of you who have stood with us in this struggle. We have managed to secure the temporary suspension of the eviction for another 30 days from the date set for the eviction! From the 22 October we have 30 more days. In parallel, we will continue our struggle for the public purchase of the Mauá building for social housing, so this wave of evictions can finally stop. I want to thank each and every one of you who has embraced this cause in solidarity with us.”FM4

 CAFOD Campaign Volunteer Emily commented that “we’ve had such a strong response to the campaign across the diocese so it’s really encouraging to get some positive feedback from our efforts and I hope this encourages more people to show their support for the Maua community”.

We’re asking you to show your support for the Maua community by signing the petition and taking a photo of yourself holding a #ficamaua sign.

Find out more about the campaign here.


Liverpool Volunteer Centre’s Livesimply Launch!


Emily, Colette, Stephen and Ged at our Livesimply launch

The Livesimply award is awarded to Catholic communities who can show how they have been living simply, in solidarity with people in poverty and sustainably with creation. It celebrates what you have already done and inspires you to do more. The award is an opportunity to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”.


In the CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Centre we have decided to apply for the Livesimply award and we’re aiming to be the first Livesimply volunteer centre in the country. We wanted to be able to fully understand the process of applying so that we can have a better understanding of both the benefits and difficulties that parishes may face when they apply. On Harvest Fast day, 6th October, we launched our application with a shared lunch here at the volunteer centre.


Ged enjoying his simple soup and bread lunch with Fairtrade bananas.

We have printed out our aims and put them on the wall, so that we are all clear in our goals, and our roles as a group and as individuals, and so that visitors can find out about what we’re trying to do. Our three major tasks are; reducing energy use, providing vegetarian food for all training days and lunches and promoting links between groups and individuals through Livesimply. We are also planning to install a Bug House, plant wildflowers, buy local products to support local suppliers and use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Ged Edwards said, “Liverpool staff and volunteers are really committed to Livesimply and it dawned on us that we could try to apply to CAFOD as well as parishes and schools! It will give us an understanding of the pressures parishes are undertaking and it will be great to act in solidarity with our sisters and brothers both here and overseas.”


Livesimply banner.

Colette added, “After working with parishes in Liverpool Archdiocese and seeing them launch as a Livesimply parish, I’m delighted that we have joined them here in the CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Centre.  I think it’s really important that we practice what we preach.  We’re asking people to evaluate how they live their lives, and emphasising how it can impact our planet and the people living on it.  Pope Francis asks us in Laudato Si, to care for our common home.

The Liverpool staff at the Livesimply launch with bread and soup meals.

If we can all start to make small changes in our day to day lives, it can make a big difference to the world’s poorest people, who suffer the most because of our actions, for example, through the effects of climate change.”



“If you have any suggestions about things we can do or how we can operate more simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the community we would love to hear from you!”

Find out more about the Livesimply award.

Live Simply Launched in Widnes

LSWID1St Wilfrid’s Parish in Widnes had their LiveSimply launch Thursday 21st September. The launch was attended by 22 members of the parish and promoted their LiveSimply action plan. There were plenty of Fairtrade products on offer, with the usual tea and coffee, as well as wine, cheese and chocolate for attendees. Pauline Rolt, CAFOD volunteer at St Wilfrid’s, commented that “A good time was had by all” and that conversations about the launch continued the next morning, being the main topic of conversation at coffee after mass.

The LiveSimply award is awarded to Catholic communities who can show how they have been living simply, in solidarity with people in poverty and sustainably with creation. It celebrates what you have already done and inspires you to do more. The award is an opportunity to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”.


St Wilfrid’s were already doing plenty of things that contributed towards the LiveSimply award, such as using Fairtrade tea and coffee, using reusable mass cards and orders of service, and holding Laudato Si’ talks among many others. By putting together an action plan, the parish is now well on its way to achieving the LiveSimply award. Part of this action plan involves establishing an annual ‘Walk to Church’ day, supporting the work of the Medaille Trust through volunteering opportunities and reducing the environmental impact of the parish buildings.

This is an extremely exciting time for the parish, and they are looking forward to trying new things which will bring the parish closer together as a community.

LSWID3Fr Mike said that he is “really delighted to see such a great turnout from parish members from across Widnes. I’ve been in this parish for a year now.  when I arrived, I could see that so much work was already taking place here, we were already fulfilling so much of what the award asks for.  Adding some new ideas gives us something new to focus on and it’s so impressive to see the parish working together to achieve this goal.  This scheme has positive impacts on both our planet and on our parish community, I would recommend it ”.

In the CAFOD office we are delighted to see how well things are going in Widnes, it’s encouraging to see such enthusiasm for the LiveSimply scheme and it shows how easy it is to do, especially when so many things are already being done in the community. Are you already doing any of these actions? Could you and your community be more sustainable? Can you get involved in the LiveSimply award?

For more information, please contact the office.

CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Centre
27 Crofton Road
L13 5UJ
0151 228 4028