Charity Assured at Shaw Hills !!

Charity Assured at Shaw Hills !!

Charity Assured at Shaw Hills !!

Many many thanks to Kathleen Tyrer co-owner of Shaw Hill Hotel, Golf & Country Club for holding the third charity golf day and dinner all in aid of CAFOD.  Kathleen told us

  “Once again we have chosen to raise money for CAFOD to assist their invaluable work in Africa.  Whilst we may be experiencing economic problems of our own, it is important to remember that in difficult times like these, the poor suffer the most.  Every  penny raised will be given to CAFOD without exception and we hope to have raised in excess of £20,000”. 

 Pictured l to r CAFOD Volunteer Mike Gunning, CAFOD’s Chris Lappine and Kathleen and Ged Tyrer

One thought on “Charity Assured at Shaw Hills !!

  1. Worked with Mike Gunning in the 60s and would love to catch up on the last 40 years. I’m not surprised that he is spending his spare time helping others. He was a wonderful, caring person when we knew him all those years ago.

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