6 thoughts on “CAFOD Liverpool Autumn Newsletter 2009

  1. How uplifting it was reading the Cafod newsletter, to see so many smiling faces, both young and old, helping our brothers and sisters in the third world, was a tonic in itself .

    Works of love are always a means of becoming closer to God…..Mother Theresa

  2. This is really a great newsletter and well organized cases and experiences. Entire CAFOD team working so hard to bring changes in people’s life throughout the world. This newsletter is one example to express their service and support how important to the needy people living in the country as well as overseas. Newsletter is telling me that CAFOD is quite clear to focus towards its goal JUST FOR ONE WORLD.
    God is Good and Good is God.

  3. Very impressed with the latest issue of Cafod newsletter as usual very informative and shows the generosity and kindness of the people in the Merseyside area. It was very refreshing to see the number of youth involved from here and overseas.

  4. Colourful, informative and heartening, the list could go on. I sat with my 2 young daughters aged 3 and 5 and we read it together on the computer. Even at such a young age this newsletter appealed to them and they were intersted in learning all about the many people CAFOD support through out the world. Well done to the Liverpool CAFOD team. Your hard work is spreading the word.

    See you at the 2009 fun run.
    Liz, Katie and Isobel

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