Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College rise to the Advent Challenge

During the first week of Advent a challenge was set for every Form Group in Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College. The challenge was for them to think beyond the gifts that they were expecting to buy and receive at Christmas and to consider gifts that they could buy for people in the developing world – gifts that would really make a difference. A challenge was set for every Form to raise enough money during Advent to buy just one gift from a choice of six, ranging in price from £30 down to £10.

The College is proud to report that almost every single form in the College and many of the Governors too, rose to the challenge and the response went beyond even what anyone expected. Between the 70 form groups and the Governors the College managed to raise an impressive £2283 which has enabled them to place an order with CAFOD for 109 World Gifts; not bad for 3 weeks work!!! The gifts ordered are as follows:

• 24 pairs of piglets
• 20 footballs
• 17 business start-up kits
• 15 sets of chickens
• 14 mother & baby care gifts
• 11 emergency kits
• 3 school starter kits
• 1 train a farmer gift
• 1 support a child in need gift
• 1 bicycle
• 1 water for a whole family gift
• 1 music gift

The fundraising took many forms. Some engaged in sponsored silences, cake sales and raffles, others made daily collections during Registration time, family members sent in cash, some very generous Progress Tutors promised to match amounts raised by their groups and others gave donations instead of buying their Form a Christmas gift; we were even given donations to our cause from guests at our Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this most worthwhile cause, especially those Progress Tutors who rallied and chivvied their students into reaching the targets they set for themselves – you can all be so proud that you have helped to make a difference in our world. Form groups that deserve special mention are those who raised the most money in their year groups and they are as follows:

Y7: KBLT (£92.50)
Y8:CLVL (£130.43)
Y9: CBMT (£79.70)
Y10:PBNL (£71)
Y11: VTHT/DCPL/LDGI(£25 each)
VI: DONL (£42.10)

Well done all!

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