Giving us the “V” sign

Judith Snape, one of our young CAFOD Liverpool volunteers, recently went to the V festival. Here’s her story:

This year at V Festival was my third and definitely one of the best yet. This year our campaign was about getting people to sign a petition which pressurised David Cameron to follow up on the promises he made in his election campaign to help those in poverty, our campaign was called Act On Poverty. This year I was going on my own, so I was rather nervous about it all, I was in a group with most members from Brentwood Catholic Youth Service and it was great to meet new people and make friends all campaigning for something we feel passionately about. This year we got over 1000 signatures for our petition, it was a great opportunity to make the younger generation realise that we need to act to help those less fortunate than ourselves. As well as roaming the festival site, we also had a stall with a mock up of the 10 Downing Street door where people could post their petition postcards. It was a great weekend and very successful, apart from the obvious drawback of festival toilets, we got to see some great acts like Florence + The Machine and the Prodigy.

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