The biggest loser (in a nice way)!!!!

Pictured below is Richard Adamson who works at All Hallows High School in Penwortham. Richard started his diet last year and decided it would be good to raise money for CAFOD in the process. The staff supported him to the tune of £600 and he has lost 7 stone to date!!

Rosa Trelfa (from CAFOD Lancaster) went into All Hallows High School on November 1st, the day they celebrate their feast day. Rosa spoke at their whole school mass and was presented with the cheque from Richard as well as another cheque for £700 from the students which was raised through their now traditional limited menu day, from CAFOD boxes and other activities. A further £600 for CAFOD was raised from the ‘All Hallows got Talent’ night, directed by their Year 11’s under the supervision of the Performing Arts Department.

A massive THANK YOU to everybody at All Hallows for all their hard work, particularly Richard Adamson!

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