Congratulations Saints Peter & Paul Catholic College!

Saints Peter & Paul Catholic College and City Learning Centre in Widnes recently raised £3,254.21 for CAFOD world gifts.Here is Kate Loftus’s (the college chaplain) account of this achievemnt:

“The 29th November saw the beginning of the Saints Peter & Paul 2010 Advent Challenge.  The challenge was for every single Form across the College to think beyond the gifts that were expecting to buy and receive at Christmas and to consider gifts that they could buy for people in the developing world – gifts that would really make a difference.  We challenged every Form to raise enough money during Advent to buy just one World Gift from CAFOD (from a choice of nine gifts, ranging in price from £50 down to £7).

63 forms took part in the challenge, and our Governors and non-teaching staff got involved too, and many forms raised enough for more than one gift.  I hope you will agree that our ‘grand total’ of £3254 is simply wonderful and a great testament to the fact that we are a Christian community in more than just name – we used Advent to go out of our way to make a difference to the lives of others, a perfect way to prepare ourselves to celebrate the feast of Christmas.

 In January CAFOD received a order amounting to over £3000 from our College for 136 gifts: Bicycle (5), Tools for apprentice (3), Mother and Baby Care (17), Goat  (26) Make a Child Smile (12), Music (9), Drought resistant crops  (17), Teach someone to read (20), School Starter Kit (20), Vegetable Garden (1), Growing Benefits Pack (1), Help for a child in need (1), Train a village vet (2), Train a farmer (1) and Train a community health worker (1)

We are so proud of the efforts of every Form that involved themselves in this challenge but we would especially like to mention the forms who raised the most money in each year group: 7SACL, 8LMNT, 9VGDT, 10CMCC, 11PBNL, VIJPRT.

Well done and thank you to everyone – students, staff, governors and parents for all their support with the 2010 Advent Challenge!”

Many thanks for raising such a whopping amount Saints Peter & Paul!!!

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