Connect2 Cakes

Holy Family in Boothstown have raised an astonishing £1,250 for Connect2: Ethiopia so far. Here parish contact and Connect2 volunteer Justine Silcock talks about how Holy Family have achieved this:

“Holy Family Church, Boothstown, has been actively supporting CAFOD for many years and one of the ways it has done this is through Coffee Mornings in the Parish Hall after all the Masses on the last Sunday of the month. 

For the last 23 years, these have been done in conjunction with Traidcraft. Over this time the parish has had named Traidcraft reps who have set up and run a stall selling fairly traded goods for parishioners to buy. In order to emphasise the importance of fair trade,  Traidcraft tea and coffee have been used throughout this time for the refreshments sold to raise money for CAFOD. As the range of fairly traded products has increased, they are used, where possible, in the home made cakes on sale at these events. 

The purpose of these coffee mornings has been not only to bring in a regular income for CAFOD projects but also to maintain an awareness of the needs of others overseas. This has been quite successful but changes are now occurring in the parish which present both opportunities and challenge.

On September 8th, the nine parishes in the Leigh Deanery, who are pioneers in Leaving Safe Harbours, will become two new parishes. Holy Family community will become part of the Parish of St Margaret Clitherow. Each community brings its own strengths to the new parish and, hopefully, CAFOD will benefit from the cooperation of a larger parish group.”

Many thanks Holy Family. Don’t those cakes look scrumptious!!!!

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