“I was thirsty and you gave me a drink”



We are Janet and Eileen and we are the CAFOD representatives at St Joseph’s.  We would love to share some of the CAFOD fundraising ideas that we have had here at St Joseph’s.

Every week we do a numbers draw where half the money goes to the winner and the other to CAFOD. We have regular coffee mornings after morning mass and the money raised goes to CAFOD too and this is also the perfect opportunity for us to socialise here at church. A parishioner provides and arranges all flowers for weddings, funerals and other special occasions and all money is donated to CAFOD. Someone else makes rosary beads and jewellery which are sold at the back of church and at our fetes in Summer and at Christmas. Another lady makes greeting cards and even takes orders for those special occasions all money is donated to CAFOD.

Our most recent initiative was to raise money to buy water filters and this generated a great deal of interest. At the outset we produced a DVD of the Family Fun Day we held in July and put them on sale asking for a suggested donation of £1.50. These sales provided the money for our very first water filer. We have also asked the congregation to take home a collecting box and return it full by the end of August. Parishioners names will be entered into a draw and the prizes will be fab. So far 8 full boxes have been returned.

To help promote the water filters fundraiser we displayed bottles of clean and dirty water alongside a model of an actual water filer (see photo). Seeing just how simple the system is has touched a lot of people and we have been given lots of £33 cheques indeed some people have purchased three.  So far we have raised a wonderful £1,600.00.

Our ideas we think are simple but we have to say that here at St Josephs we have a very capable and enthusiastic team and we are led and supported by Father Kevin Mulhearn who holds CAFOD very dear to his heart. We are especially grateful and fortunate to have a parish community who so willingly and generously give of their time and money and prayers.

We would like to add that CAFOD do a wonderful and worthwhile job which we support 100% for this much needed work in our world and we will support you any way that we can.

Thank you.

Janet Wilson and Eileen Bithell 15th August 2011



Safe water is not available to one in every eight

 people round the world


Every day, 4000 children die of diarrhoea caused

by unclean water

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