Your mission if your choose to accept it……


“When we heard about the famine happening in Africa, and we saw the destruction happening on the news, we wanted to do something about it. We thought why should we sit here and just think about it, while eating our plateful of food, when we could help? As we have lots and others have nothing- it just isn’t fair!

 So when the idea was proposed to us to donate £1 per person we rose to the challenge. Our head of year had promise that if we raised £100 then she would donate £25 and if we ever raised £200 she would donate £50. Day after day the pennies and pounds were placed in a jar and after about 4 days the jar was full. However the money continued to pour in. Throughout the last 2 weeks of Year 8 everyone was throwing everything into raising as much money as we possibly could. There were several cake sales and many other stalls with things all dedicated to the amazing work of CAFOD.

Maybe the most challenging and surprising activity that took place was Lucy Ray and Izzy Varey taking part in a sponsored silence. Maybe you had to know us to understand how difficult it was for us, what if I said that teachers were throwing £5 notes at us for the chance to keep us quiet for the day! In the end, we both succeeded in keeping silent for an entire day. Just between us, our efforts raised £150! We were very proud to hand the money in as we had wanted to make a change to the world.

On our final assembly a guest from CAFOD came to speak to us. The school handed over a cheque for a grand total of £945, and we knew that all our efforts had paid off.”

Written by Lucy Ray and Izzy Varey.

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