MP Correspondents Visit Parliament

The CAFOD MPC Parliamentary Reception

The first CAFOD MPC Parliamentary reception was held on Monday November 7th in the State Rooms, Speaker’s House, House of Commons.  Justine Silcock and Pat Boyle  represented CAFOD Liverpool.

The CAFOD correspondents were asked to enter by Portcullis House and were then taken through to the Speaker’s House. It was the first time I had been inside these places and it was very interesting to see them. We were made to feel very welcome and the grandeur of the surroundings added to the feeling that this was an important occasion.

There were addresses from Rt Hon Tom Clarke, Baroness Stowell, Bishop John Arnold and Chris Bain thanking us for the work we do and the reinforcing the importance of it and the impact it has on decision making. It is easy to feel isolated in any campaigning and to wonder what effect our work has, so it was very encouraging to hear that it is well received, valued, effective and should be continued.

The Reception itself, as well as providing tasty refreshment, was a great opportunity to meet other CAFOD correspondents, workers and MPs and to share ideas with them. It was a lovely occasion.  Justine

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