I’m a CAFOD supporter…get me out of here

St. Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Primary School in Norris Green recently fundraised to raise money for CAFOD World gifts. James popped in mid December to thank them. While he was there,  James did assemblies for years 3,4,5 and 6 which were ‘I’m a celebrity….get me out of here’ themed and even involved bush tucker trials.  The celebrities involved were Alan Sugar, David Cameron and President Obama. The bush tucker trials included eating peas and jelly, custard with sweet corn and sprouts with beans. Yum! It wasn’t just students who took part in the trials-even Andy (the school’s learning mentor) and Mr Barnet (a year 5 teacher) were brave enough to have ago.

Here Year 4 teacher Lorraine Torley tells us all about St Teresa’s fundraising efforts:

“During Advent our children have been preparing by thinking of those less fortunate. Each year group have chosen a way that they could fundraise to help others and then they picked a World Gift with the money they raised. The fundraising ideas ranged from having a cake sale, making and selling calendars with photographs of the children, making and selling Christmas gifts in a craft fair and bringing in any change they children would like to donate. The children and families of Norris Green are always so generous and in total the school raised over £500. So there will be plenty of pigs, goats and footballs being shipped overseers in January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This was great opportunity for them to stop and reflect on the needs of others and how they can support their neighbours across the world. When James, from CAFOD visited our school, he inspired the children with stories and songs from around the world and shared with them how their money would change the lives of others.”

I asked a few children what they thought about all the fundraising and here are some of their thoughts….

Molly McCorquodale from year 4 said

“It was fun to make the cakes as we knew we were actually helping other children. James showed us how important food and drink is to people around the world.”

Faye Wood from year 4 said:

“I love that we are buying pigs for someone in a country where they find it difficult to survive. We thought about what our luxuries would be if we went on I’m a celebrity… but we realised that we are so lucky because some peoples’ luxuries would be food and water not mobiles and play stations.”

Thanks again St Teresa’s-you are all stars!!!!

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