The 27th CAFOD Fun Run!!!!!

Hundreds of people including families, schools, youth groups, priests, nuns and even dogs came together for the 27th CAFOD Fun Run on the 27th December  at  Wavertree Park. Over 600 runners and walkers took part! Runner and 2012 Olympic torch bearer John McBride started the Fun Run and ran the last leg of the run barefoot in solidarity with the people he met in Kenya. John, from Newcastle, visited CAFOD partners in Kenya in 2010 and saw first hand what it means to live in extreme poverty. He says, “The children I met in Kenya saw it as normal to walk barefoot to school and back each day, travelling for miles. It had a profound effect on me.”  Other people were so inspired by John’s example that they too ran part of the run barefoot, including CAFOD volunteer Ben Ward! The run also saw the official launch of the new CAFOD Campaign ‘Thirst for Change.’ We were joined by 2 water drops: Winny and Wally who went round and met the children who were there on the day. Winny and Wally also took part in the race so we even had ‘running water’ (get it?)! Other walkers decided to do the course while carrying buckets of water on their head in solidarity with those in developing countries who have to do the same daily. For more information about the new CAFOD campaign, please visit

Here are just some of the photos from the day:

A mammoth thank-you to everyone who took part and to all those volunteers who made the day such an astounding success!

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