St Joseph’s pick a winner!

A big thank you to St Joseph’s Church in Wrightington who raised a gigantic £1600 for water filters recently. Just one of the ways that they raised money for CAFOD was by having a Christmas fair! Pictured are Eileen, Joan, Janet and Janet’s grandson Daniel enjoying their Christmas fair with their ‘pick a stick’ game.

Our Christmas Fayre was held and enjoyed by everyone, we had a CAFOD stall on which we had a small game – picking sticks – with Daniel the Game Master – this small game was enjoyed by young and old alike.  We purchased some small prizes ie toys and chocolate bars.  It was fun, very simple and a hugh success.  Our fantastic Joan once again created some wonderful Christmas cards and had samples on show on our stall taking orders and providing these in time for Christmas.  She made a fantastic £75.00 for our wonderful CAFOD.  My sister made the jams and crosses and little angels.

The new initiative started at this fayre was to introduce a painting/drawing competition.  We asked the children from St Joseph’s Primary School to paint or draw us a Christmas picture,  these were displayed at the back of our stall and added a new depth to the stall.  The winners were given a certificate, colouring book, and sweets.  All entries were given a bag of sweets. We know that everyone is now looking forward to our next competition.  Thank you and well done to everyone.

Once again thanks to the generosity of our friends at the Church, who have donated unwanted presents or purchased prizes, such as bottles of wine or gift vouchers and leather handbags and gift sets, for us, we have been able to run an extra raffle at the back of Church.  We have given two prizes for each draw and we are finding that this, as well as the normal weekly draw is going down well.

We are looking forward with enthusiasim to this 2012 when we can continue our fundraising !!

2 thoughts on “St Joseph’s pick a winner!

  1. Hello Cafod Liverpool

    I publish a local community news blog and have just reposted your latest cafod story.

    I am aslo a volunteer community photographer and news reporter, please drop me an email if you have any events which I can cover in the Ormskirk, Burscough or Aughton areas.

    Pax Vobiscum 🙂


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