An account of the CAFOD Fun run from a first-timer!!!!


The following is an article from Patrick Riley, a year 11 pupil from Sacred Heart Catholic College and a member of Crosby Catholic Youth. In the article, he talks about the CAFOD Liverpool Fun Run which took place on December 27th. It was his first ever CAFOD Fun run:

“Crosby Catholic Youth were very keen to try something different to remember the true meaning of Christmas . We’ve done Quiz Nights, and helped out Ceilidhs, but we went further this time. We did something that took something out of us physically. We decided to take part in the Fun Run in one of our youth group meetings in November. Our original target was £300, which looked difficult to reach in the first place. Nevertheless, we still thought it would be worthwhile doing the run since any funding to CAFOD is fantastic! It would also help us improve all our (low) fitness levels!

After no training at all, on the morning of the 27th of December, after an early wake up, all rough from Christmas celebrations, we set off for Wavertree to complete the CAFOD fun run. Knowing that it was for a good cause pushed us straight ahead!

Despite the freezing cold, and seeing that some people arrived in fancy dress, such as a Santa suit (the best we had was a ginger in shorts!) we all did something – walk, 3k or 7k run, it all went to a good cause! We were all gone for about an hour (since Patrick and Ruairi walked the 3k!), and as we approached the finish line, David managed to keep going to the end, where he sat down in pain, and Edward was sick, metres from the finish line, but still managed to beat his Head teacher! We all passed the line pale-faced, and set to faint… so we all bought a hot dog and a can of cola!

We’re all proud of what we achieved, personally and for CAFOD. As competitive as teenagers are, all of us have decided to start training for next year’s run! At the time of writing, we raised £390, which was a fantastic response from the community!”

(Pictured above is a photo of the Crosby Catholic Youth Group from last year).

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