St Bernadette’s walk by water, for water

St Bernadette’s parish in Shevington had their annual sponsored walk for CAFOD on 30th June. Here parish contact Joyce Madden tells us all about the day:

“Here are a couple of photos for you showing the walkers at our annual sponsored walk on 30 June this year.”

Start point – Crooke Hall

Picnic Point – Platt Bridge

“We decided not to go to Blackpool this year – the cost of hiring a coach for the day is becoming prohibitive.  So our walk was local.  You probably don’t know much about our area although the photo at the beginning of our walk showing our starting off point is Crooke Hall Inn which, if you remember, formed part of one of CAFOD’s events a few years ago.  We walked along the canal bank from here to Wigan Pier and then crossed the canal to join the Leigh branch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.  Virtually the whole of the walk was on block paving which was a definite bonus with the wet summer we have had and it is so much more pleasant when you don’t have to look where you’re putting your feet all the time.  It was particularly nice to be able to look around as our walk took in a number of the flashes that Wigan and district have in abundance.  Just in case you’re not familiar with the term – a flash is a stretch of water that is created by mine workings.  Scotsman’s Flash is one of the largest so much so that it has a sailing club on its banks and the bird life on all of the flashes is tremendous.  We walked to Platt Bridge, had a picnic on a handy grassed area just off the canal as you can see and then retraced our steps.  We advertised our 11 mile walk as a walk by water, for water and, we were so lucky with the weather, otherwise it could have been a walk under water!! The walk raised £1,237.66. Meanwhile just at the end of school term we also received £29.49 from Yr 2 at St Bernadette’s Primary School.  Their teacher, Mrs Banks, said they had raised the money for CAFOD and when she told me how I thought I must tell you.  Apparently the Tooth Fairy figured in quite a bit of it (you can imagine how many first teeth children of that age are losing) and one little boy had actually given £5 of his birthday money.”

Many thanks to St Bernadette’s CAFOD group for organising the day and also to year 3 at St Bernadette’s Primary School for all their generosity and kindness!

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