St Joseph’s celebrate 50 years of CAFOD!

Over 100 people gathered at St Joseph’s in Penketh on Tuesday 2nd October to have a Mass to celebrate CAFOD’s 50th birthday. The members of the parish CAFOD Group (which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year) oversaw all the arrangements.

Before Mass began, Maureen Wilson, a pioneering member of the CAFOD group, shared a short presentation about some of the projects that St Joseph’s CAFOD group have supported over the last 40 years including projects in India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Papa New Guinea and Brazil. She shared numerous stories about some of the different things that the group have done to fundraise including having an aspirin party (where rather than having to pay an entrance fee to an event, people just had to pay with aspirin) after one of our partners requested aspirins in the 1970s. After the presentation, Mass began with Fr Richard Ebo presiding.

At the end of Mass, the whole congregation gathered in the parish centre for some gorgeous cakes, cheese and crackers and a glass of wine or two. CAFOD’S Stephen Davies (Youth Training Coordinator) who is from the parish of St Joseph’s returned home for the special occasion and he spoke enthusiastically and passionately about his work with CAFOD over the last 7 years. He talked about his trips to Bolivia and El Salvador and also gave us teasers about the new ‘hungry for change’ campaign!

Special thanks to all the members of the CAFOD group who helped make the night such a success, all the people who made the scrumptious refreshments and to Fr Ebo for celebrating mass on the night!

Here’s to the next 50 years!!!!!

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