The Brazilian version of Justin Bieber

My name is James and I work for CAFOD in Liverpool and I was lucky enough to visit CAFOD’s partners in Sao Paulo-APOIO and MDF-and the communities of Maua and Divineia.

And what a trip it’s been; from Robin Hood to CAFOD bake-offs-the trip included everything and it has honestly changed my life. I am completely inspired by the dedication, courage, solidarity and hope of our partners. They do such amazing work and they make me proud that I work for CAFOD.I have made friends for life.

I will be updating the blog in the next few weeks and will include all the photos and all the information from my trip. I will also be introducing you to some of the people I met. I also took over a lot of cards from schools and parishes from the Archdiocese of Liverpool and I will be putting up photos of the people in Brazil holding your cards too!

As a teaser, here is just one of the activities that I took part in. I performed a pop song with some of the young people at Maua. It is a song I recorded when I was a teenager. It’s called ‘Catch a falling star.” I hope you enjoy:



Photo Credits: Joelle Hernandez

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