Diveneia’s a delight-Reflections from Brazil 3!

On Sunday we spent the day at Diveneia. We were picked up by Zeza and her 21 year old son Anderson and Joseli (Maria’s daughter). We arrived at Maria’s house where we were greeted by Teresinha, Maria and their families and friends. We helped to prepare for lunch by peeling potatoes. We then went to a service at the Catholic Church in Diveneia. The service was truly beautiful and prayerful. Louise (my travelling companion who had never spoken a word of Portuguese before) read the first reading in Portuguese leaving all us very impressed! After the service we gave out lots of the cards from the schools and parishes in Liverpool Archdiocese to the congregation. Straight after the service, the youth group met and we joined in their session. The youth group leaders were Maristely and 20 year old Eliane. I taught them a game that I play in schools in Liverpool Archdiocese called ‘Fruit salad,’ complete with African dancing. They had a ball during the game especially when being so engrossed in the game, I accidently missed my chair and fell smack down on my bottom. After the ice-breaker, the young people talked about what faith means to them. Maristely shared a beautiful testimony where she said that all her life she wanted to become a nun but then 3 months ago she met her new boyfriend Raphaello and they have now fallen in love. After the youth group ended, we went back to Maria’s house for lunch where we ate with Terezinha, Maria, Maristely, Zeza, Joseli, Eliane and the rest of Maria’s family. After lunch I did the washing up with Maristely and Raphaello. After lunch, we walked around Diveneia with Zeza, Maria and Terezinha where they showed us the place where they hope to start building an orchard. They are just waiting for planning permission. On our journey around Diveneia, we also visited a local youth theatre group which Eliane, who I met in the morning at Mass, was the leader. They were rehearsing for their play which was happening a few weeks later. The group introduced themselves to us and we gave them some cards from St Mary’s in Astley. By the time that we left Diveneia we felt like we had known everyone for years-we were so welcomed and Diveneia really does now hold a special place in my heart!

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