The Great CAFOD bake-off-Reflections from Brazil 7!

Thursday started with another outing for Robin Hood; this time in the creche at Divineia. After some more fun and singing with the children, we gave out cards from some of the schools in Liverpool Archdiocese which the children were delighted to receive. After a short visit to Maria’s house, our next stop of the day was to visit Alice (13) who a lot of schools in Liverpool had written to. Alice and her family live in the new housing in Diveneia which MDF successfully campaigned for. When we there we met Alice’s 2 brothers who are 17 and 7 years old and her mum (and even their cat!).

In the afternoon our group went on to share recipies and cook with Teresinha and the ladies of Comunidade Moseis in their ‘Bread and art’ project. Considering that all I can cook is bangers and mash, scrambled egg on toast, beans on toast and branflakes, I decided to relegate myself to the mountains of washing up! Meanwhile Rob taught the group how to cook Shepherd’s pie, Joelle showed the group how to make an apple crumble and Louise demonstrated how to bake a tea loaf. It was all scrumptious and I would rate them all 10/10! After much tasting, lots of discussion followed where we chatted to all the group members.

For the evening we went to Terezinha’s house where we met all her children and grandchildren. After dinner, a really moving prayer meeting began with over 30 people from the community joining us. After the meeting, we started to say our final goodbyes to our new found friends in Diveneia. When I was saying goodbye to Marasteley, Eliane, Raphaello and other young people from Diveneia, they presented me with a pile of letters for the teenagers in Liverpool. We were also presented with some rosary beads. Rob and myself then stayed the night at Terezinha’s daughter’s house!

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