Campaigner Chris 2013 Would you believe it

On Saturday morning 8th June I woke early and realised I had laryngitis and had lost my voice.  Needed to rely on my great colleague James to do all the verbal communications when we met up with our supporters to travel to London.  Undeterred this didn’t stop me making lots of noise in Hyde Park.  I had my wonderful whistle. This has travelled to many rallies including of course Make Poverty History and The Wave.  It was bought on the 16th May 1998 from a small stall as we left our coach and headed off into Birmingham city centre to join the rally for the Drop the Debt Jubilee Campaign .  I remember thinking “ probably won’t use it” and popped it into my bag.  How wrong I was.  We joined thousands of people making a nine mile human chain banging pots and pans, blowing hooters and waving klaxtons,  rattling chains and old wooden footy rattles !   Birmingham evokes very precious memories of the joy of uniting with like minded friends who work tirelessly for justice.  Last Saturday it happened again. There was a deep well of love for humanity that united over 45,000 people in London’s Hyde Park.  It gives us great hope and encouragement as we continue to dream for a world without hunger. We have enough food for everyone, yet one in eight people go to bed hungry each night.

IF we all speak out together in 2013 we can make our world leaders change the future.

A favourite hymn of mine is Breathe on me breath of God …  that I may love what Thou does love,  And do what Thou wouldst do…..

Even though I didn’t have  a voice for the voiceless on Saturday it didn’t matter I had my breath and  the wonderful whistle worked it’s magic once again !

Chris Lappine


  1. lovey words Chris……I have wonderful memories of that day in Birmingham ,although I forgot my whistle last SaturdayI shouted
    and clapped from the roof tops…..lets hope that the powers that be listen

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