The CAFOD Liverpool Garden Party 2013!!!!

A little bit of Ethiopian sunshine came to Liverpool on Saturday 6th July when we had our annual CAFOD Liverpool Garden party in the scorching heat! Over 50 people from all over the Archdiocese of Liverpool came to join us for scrumptious strawberries and scones! The guest of honour at the garden party was Tamiru (CAFOD’s Communications Officer in Ethiopia) who spoke movingly all about the community of Sebaya (who are the new community involved in connect2:Ethiopia). Many thanks to all who came on the day!!! As you can see from the pictures, everyone had a great and hot time!

2 thoughts on “The CAFOD Liverpool Garden Party 2013!!!!

  1. Thank you all for a lovely afternoon and very enjoyable refreshments indeed! Tamiru’s talk and the film were excellent and certainly sparked off an interest in the Ethiopian situation. We were moved by the courage and perseverance of the people in the community shown to us.

    Joan and Gordon Charters

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