The Great Liverpool Bake off!

Over 60 people from parishes from Liverpool South Pastoral area including St Anthony of Padua, St Charles & St Thomas More, St Anne’s & St Bernard and St Clare gathered together on Friday night for an Emmaus meal. The Emmaus meal is a time for parishes to come together; share together; reflect together; eat together; pray together.

People sat on 4 different tables. Each table focused on one of three different countries: Kenya, El Salvador or Bangladesh.

Table 1 focused on Dorcas Loltol who lives in Kenya. People on this table ate Sukuma wiki which is a staple food in Kenya, in the region that Dorcas comes from. It is greens cooked with tomatoes and onion and is often served with ugali-a cornmeal porridge.

Table 2 focused on Emily Mbithuku who also lives in Kenya. On this table, they ate chapatis which are eaten in Emily’s region.

Table 3 focused on Fidel (who visited Liverpool in March). Fidel’s table ate a mixture of rice, red kidney beans, fried plantain, soft cheese, avocado, sour cream and scrambled egg.

Table 4 focused on Sabita in Bangladesh. People on Sabita’s table ate Potato curry using Sabita’s own recipe.

After they finished eating in their small discussion groups, the whole group came together for a scripture reading, prayers of intercession and a shared table. The night finished with a prayer and the results of the raffle which had various prizes up for grabs included a recipe book from Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry!

A big thank you to everyone who helped to the make the night such a success including everyone who cooked or brought food on the night!

For more information about how to host your own Emmaus meal, please see:

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