Plenty more fish in the sea!!!

To promote, CAFOD’s campaign, ‘hungry for change,’ Chris and James popped along to the fresher’s fair at HOPE university today with some fishing rods and fish to challenge the students to see ‘who could catch the most fish in a minute.’ It hooked (get it?) over 500 students who fought to have a go! With the prize being what every student wants….baked beans and ‘fisherman friends’, competition was fierce. In the end the lucky winners were students Hattie Vaughan, Abigail Williams,Tasha, Tanith Tomkinson, Abby, Alexandra Boughey, Catherine Connelly, Kiran, Paul, Laura, Rosa Treadwell, Troya Somerville, Steph O’Connor and David McGarrity who all managed to catch all 15 fish in a minute!In the end their names were all put in a raffle and the lucky winner was Tanith Tomkinson!!! Congratulations Tanith and enjoy your beans!!!!

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