CAFOD Liverpool Fun Run 2013

Hundreds of people including families, schools, churches, youth groups, priests and even dogs came together for the 29th CAFOD Fun Run on the 27th December at Wavertree Park despite the gale force winds. Over 500 runners and walkers took part!

Runner and 2012 Olympic torch bearer John McBride started the Fun Run and ran the last leg of the run barefoot in solidarity with the people he met in Kenya. John, from Newcastle, visited St John’s Sport Society, one of CAFOD’s partners in Kenya in 2010 and saw firsthand what it means to live in extreme poverty. He also went back to Kenya in 2012 with his Olympic torch where he presented the people of Korogocho with his Olympic torch. You can see some of the photos here. As John explains, “Last year, a fellow runner (at the Great North Run) asked where my trainers were. I replied that my wife had them at the finishing line. I explained about some of the people I had met in the Korogocho slum in Nairobi, Kenya. If they did without shoes all the time, I thought I could give up my shoes for an hour. “Won’t it hurt?” He asked. I gave the reply I always do. “Yes, a lot.” I feel every stone, every piece of shattered concrete, every manhole. But I also feel a sense of togetherness with the barefoot kids kicking a ball made of rags around a grass-free pitch. When the race is over, there is only a feeling of peace from knowing that my tiny amount of suffering has taken me to a place I’m glad to be: a place where I am given a glimpse into another person’s life.”

As usual we had the fabulous jazz band providing entertainment as well as beautiful refreshments. The prize for the best costume was hotly contested. We had Christmas puddings, reindeers and Mr Men outfits. However, the judges decided to award this year’s fancy dress prize to the Guidi family who dressed up as a combination of a convict, spiderman, a tomato and a 1 month old reindeer.Wow!

A massive thank-you to everyone who took part and to all those volunteers who made the day such an amazing success!

Here are just some of the photos from the day. See if you can spot yourself:

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