Broughton Hall Bake-off (and not a soggy bottom in sight)!

The staff at Broughton Hall had a bake-off on Monday to raise money for CAFOD! The event was the brain child of two year 10 girls who organised the whole event with the help of the chaplain Sheila. 16 staff  entered and waited anxiously while the tasters made their deliberations. Unfortunately Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood were busy so deputy head  Mr Preston, Head of Food technology Mrs Fox and CAFOD’s very own James stepped upto the plate (get it?!?). After a tense wait, the winners were announced.

Winners in the different sections were:

  • For Creativity=Mr Chesworth (Science Technician)
  • For Presentation=Mrs Tomlinson (Food technology teacher)
  • For Flavour=Mrs Spike (Head of RE)

The overall winners were Mrs Tait (year 7 learning support manager) and Mrs Hible (Graphic and RM Design Technology teacher).

The winners were crowned with a glorious medal and also received certificates. After the bake-off all the cakes were sold. Over £150 was raised during the afternoon!

Thanks again to everyone who took part. As you can see from the photos below, the cakes were absolutely scrumptious! Yum Yum!

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