Carmel College students hunger for change at the House of Commons

 Young people visit parliament-4d

Young CAFOD supporters from Liverpool Archdiocese have given politicians food for thought at a meeting in Parliament on the issue of global hunger.

Matthew and Phil, from Carmel College, St Helens, were amongst thirty-four students who met MPs and peers at a national  event in Parliament on Wednesday 26 March. The event was organised by CAFOD as part of our Hungry for Change campaign – calling on the Prime Minister to provide greater support to small-scale farmers, who are being hit first and worst by the effects of climate change.

Phil said, ” The Young People in Parliament event taught me that CAFOD isn’t just there to help other countries, but also there to teach young adults. I can’t help but say thank you so much for giving me and others this chance. I know I’ll be helping out with CAFOD a lot more – through campaigning and becoming an MP Correspondent.”

The young people toured the Houses of Parliament, watched Prime Minister’s Questions, and had a private audience with the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Bercow MP. Before visiting Parliament, the students took part in workshops to learn about how campaigning can make a difference to the decisions taken in Parliament, as well as how they could use the trip as an opportunity to put their faith into action.

Matthew explained, “Since I want to go into international development, getting a chance to see a development charity, parliament, and how the two are related was such an interesting and inspiring opportunity. Furthermore, Prime Minister’s Questions was incredibly interesting to see. I feel very privileged to be able to say I was in the same room as people like Ed Miliband and David Cameron and got to see firsthand what went on in the House of Commons.”

CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign calls for major changes in the global food system so that it benefits everyone. CAFOD supporters are calling on the Prime Minister to champion empowering aid for small-scale farmers, especially women, and checks on the power of global food companies.

Thank you so much to Matthew and Phil for representing Liverpool Archdiocese!

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