Courageous work of CAFOD partners in Sierra Leone and Syria honoured with humanitarian awards

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Safe and dignified burial team. Image Louise Norton. CAFOD.

CAFOD has been recognised for its efforts in halting the spread of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. As part of the SMART Consortium – an Alliance of faith-based organisations working on the Ebola virus response – the Consortium led by World Vision has won the prestigious BOND International Humanitarian Award.

The award was presented at a ceremony in London yesterday, recognising the courageous service of the more than 800 burial workers who serve with SMART, a UK government-funded consortium comprising of World Vision, CAFOD, and Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

Together the three agencies have trained and equipped burial workers to conduct Safe and Dignified burials for Ebola victims across Sierra Leone.

The teams have also been commended for observing cultural customs, faith traditions for both Christians and Muslims, while preventing contamination of family members. Since November 2014, SMART’s 57 teams…

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