CAFOD responds to Refugee Crisis

Thanks to your donations, CAFOD is working with local Church volunteers to provide emergency aid to refugees as they arrive in Greece.  To see this work in action, click hereAs winter approaches, thousands of people are risking their lives every day to cross to Greece, many with little more than the clothes they are wearing. The vast majority are fleeing war and oppression in their own countries.

CAFOD’s Laura Purves, who is providing specialist humanitarian support to Caritas Hellas, said: “People in Greece are showing extraordinary compassion towards the refugees, but, with a struggling economy, it’s a challenge for the Greek government to provide all the help that’s needed.”

As well as working in Greece, we are providing food, healthcare and emergency supplies to thousands of refugees in Serbia, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. We are also providing aid to people within Syria whose lives have been torn apart by the war but who cannot afford to leave the country. Find out more about our response to the refugee crisis

Please join us in praying for the refugees.

Thank you for your continued support.

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