XII Apostles School learns about El Salvador

XII Apostles Primary School in Leigh have been involved in Connect 2 El Salvador. They have been doing a great project across the whole school to learn more about El Salvador and the work of CAFOD.

Year 3 Teacher, Miss Sweeny writes:

‘This year, across the school, we are developing our knowledge of the wider community. As a school, we decided to focus on El Salvador, a country that we could connect with through CAFOD. The country of El Salvador was decided upon by the children last year after the School Council led an assembly, informing the school of different countries that we could help.

This term, we have been doing lots of wonderful activities to Connect2 El Salvador. We especially loved learning all about this country on El Salvador Day. On this day, each class completed different activities to develop their understanding of the wider world.

Learn more about El Salvador with CAFOD’s school pack

We found El Salvador on maps, learned about Oscar Romero, made graphs of the different climates, made our own El Salvador flags, prayed together, wrote our own prayers, created collages, made El Salvadorian foods and much, much more! It was a great day!

Pupils learn about the geography of El Salvador

Pupils learn about the geography of El Salvador

‘Not only this, we have been raising money over the term. We held an own clothes day where children brought a pound to wear blue and white (the colours of the El Salvador flag), parents made donations after watching our school nativity and each class has also been ‘investing in El Salvador’ by buying a piece of their class jigsaw.

El Salvador jigsaw

El Salvador jigsaw

‘The jigsaw made up a map of the country and a festive sign reading ‘Feliz Nevidad’ – Spanish for Merry Christmas. We even learned a Christmas Song called Feliz Nevidad and sang it as a whole school.’

A letter for children in El Salvador

A letter to children in Puentecitos, El Salvador


Ann, CAFOD Liverpool, says, ‘Thank you for your support XII Apostles! It looks like you’ve had lots of fun, and worked really hard! Everything you’ve done will make a real difference to the lives of people in Puentecitos.’

Learn more about how your school or parish could be involved with Connect 2.

Children dress up for El Salvador Day

Children dress up for El Salvador day

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