Archbishop McMahon writes message of hope for Refugees

CAFOD Community Participation Coordinators, Colette Byrne and Ged Edwards, paid a visit to Archbishop Malcom McMahon last week. They took along the Lampedusa Cross.

Archbishop McMahon writes his Year of Mercy message of Hope for Refugees

Archbishop McMahon write his message of hope for Refugees.

This cross was made from pieces of a boat wrecked off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa. The first Lampedusa cross was made from a boat on which 311 Eritrean and Somali refugees were drowned making their way from Libya to Europe. The community on the island helped save the lives of 155 others.

In Lampedusa’s church, Francesco Tuccio, the island’s carpenter, met some of the survivors who were Eritrean Christians. Moved by their situation, he used his skills to make each of them a cross from the wreckage as both a reflection of their salvation from the sea and also as a powerful symbol of hope for their future. A similar cross was made for Pope Francis, who carried it at a memorial service for those who had perished.

For the Year of Mercy, Mr Tuccio made his cross. It bears witness to the dangerous journeys and many uncertainties migrants and refugees face today. It reminds us of the power of our own acts of love, mercy and hope.

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we are called to contemplate God’s abundant love and to share compassion with our global family, in particular remembering refugees and migrants.

Archbishop McMahon's message of hope for refugees in the Year of Mercy

Archbishop McMahon’s message of hope for Refugees in the Year of Mercy

At CAFOD, we’re asking you to go on a Lampedusa Cross pilgrimage with your fellow parishioners or school pupils, and dedicate your message of hope to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters travelling on these dangerous journeys.

Archbishop McMahon joined us by writing his own message of hope and is encouraging you to do the same. Pilgrimages shall be taking place across the Liverpool Archdiocese. Would you like to get involved?

Would you be interested in organising or attending a pilgrimage? CAFOD Volunteers are acting in solidarity, showing love and support to our global brothers and sisters.

For more information, please contact the CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Centre on 0151 228 4028 or email

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