St Bart’s Coffee Evening

“A very successful social evening,” was homaeve-and-teamw Eamon and Maeve O’Neill described the St Bart’s CAFOD Group Coffee Evening. Over 90 people attended the event which was held in the Presbytery at St Bartholomew’s Church in Rainhill thanks to the kindness of Fr Phil Swanson.

There were Traidcraft materials available and also many local gifts, donated by parishioners of St Bart’s, their friends and families, and scrumptious home-made items, especially cakes, jam and chutneys.

joan-mcginnIt was great to bring the local community together with many non-parishioners coming along too and the Group also raised a vital and impressive £1,025 for CAFOD’s work



Thanks very much to you all and it’s great that everyone had such a goodged-and-eamon time! 


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