Frank Cottrell-Boyce invites you to the CAFOD Fun Run

For 32 years, the annual CAFOD Fun Run on 27th December has brought people together

Frank Cottrell-Boyce and family

Frank Cottrell-Boyce and family

after Christmas, helped continue festivities and good cheer, and perhaps even burn off those extra calories gained.

Liverpool writer, Frank Cottrell-Boyce and his family are long standing supporters of the event.  Over the years, they have come together as a family to support those less fortunate in the world’s poorest countries.

Over the years their family has extended and now their ages range from 50’s to 6!  Frank says, ‘The CAFOD fun run always turns out to be a highlight of Christmas week – no matter how much we are dreading it beforehand. It’s something we all do together.  We sometimes makes fools of ourselves.  We always have a laugh and love the opportunity the run gives to bump into old friends and make new ones.  Always make sure there’s a pan of something warm waiting for you when you get home!’

This year’s CAFOD Fun Run will be supporting the Ethiopia Food Crisis, where ten million people are facing a crippling drought.  Severe and extreme weather shifts, part of the El Niño effect, mean that the rains in Ethiopia have failed twice. Farmers are losing their crops, water sources are drying up, and families are struggling to keep themselves and their animals alive. As a result, an estimated 400,000 children are suffering from malnutrition and millions are in need of emergency food and clean water.  Money raised from the CAFOD Fun Run will be used to scale up our work and reach more vulnerable women, men and children with life-saving aid.

Remember you can run, walk or toddle and dogs are welcome too!  If taking part isn’t for you, perhaps enjoying a cup of tea, buying a raffle ticket and listening to entertaining jazz music from local band, The Rioters, would be more enjoyable.  There is something for everyone at the CAFOD Fun Run so please do come along and support this event.  Tuesday 27th December at 12pm to register for a 1pm run at The Mystery, Wavertree Sports Park, Liverpool, L15 4LE.

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