Meet our CAFOD Fun Run Committee Volunteer, Angela

We’re on a countdown to the CAFOD Fun Run which takes place on Tuesday 27th December

CAFOD Fun Run Committee Volunteer, Angela Pender

CAFOD Fun Run Committee Volunteer, Angela Pender

at The Mystery, Wavertree Sports Park, Liverpool, L15 4LE.

We thought it would be a great idea to let you know how the event is coming together and introduce you to the wonderful volunteers on our organising committee.

This time we’re introducing you to Angela Pender who has been a CAFOD Volunteer since October 2015 when she joined as an Education Volunteer.  Angela then supported the CAFOD Fun Run and hasn’t looked back!  Angela says, ’I started my voluntary work with CAFOD last year as an Education Volunteer and was asked to promote the CAFOD Fun Run in the schools that I visited.  I decided to help out on the day by face painting and ended up winning the best fancy dress prize for dressing as Abba!  My inspiration to support the CAFOD Fun Run originally came from two lovely friends, Denise Heggarty and Doreen Caffery, (deceased). Denise was involved in the fun run for many years and encouraged hundreds of young people to take part over the years.  Whilst Doreen campaigned and fought hard for solidarity and justice. Their work moved me, and God spoke to me and said this was something that I had to do!  And so as Jesus taught us, to journey a long side him, I believe in the Holy Spirit of joy and fun that brings peace to all. I would encourage anyone thinking of volunteering to give it a trial run, you can do as little or as much as you can. And so the journey begins with you…!

CAFOD Fun Run, Angela Pender wins fancy dress for ABBA costume!

CAFOD Fun Run, Angela Pender wins fancy dress for ABBA costume!

I have really loved being on the Volunteer Organising Committee, meeting new people who are passionate about supporting CAFOD and this event.  This year, I’ll have a slightly different role at the Fun Run as I’ll be with my Scout colleagues working as a First Aider.  I’m really excited to be at the Fun Run and I really hope that people can come and support the event on 27th December’.

This year’s CAFOD Fun Run will be supporting the Ethiopia Food Crisis, where ten million people are facing a crippling drought.  Severe and extreme weather shifts, part of the El Niño effect, mean that the rains in Ethiopia have failed twice. Farmers are losing their crops, water sources are drying up, and families are struggling to keep themselves and their animals alive. As a result, an estimated 400,000 children are suffering from malnutrition and millions are in need of emergency food and clean water.  Money raised from the CAFOD Fun Run will be used to scale up our work and reach more vulnerable women, men and children with life-saving aid.

Remember you can run, walk or toddle and dogs are welcome too!  If taking part isn’t for you, perhaps enjoying a cup of tea, buying a raffle ticket and listening to entertaining jazz music from local band, The Rioters, would be more enjoyable.  There is something for everyone at the CAFOD Fun Run so please do come along and support this event!

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