Benjamin leads the way!

Benjamin has once again led the way for people who need our support overseas!  His parents Fiona and Bruce contacted us:

“For the fourth year in a row he has completed the Liverpool Fun Run.  Now that he is theben-moore grand age of eleven, he decided to move up from the 3km to do the 7km, which he completed in around 44 minutes.  With the support of friends, family and Corpus Christi Parish this year he raised £1,100.  This brings his four-year total to £3,280.

Best wishes

His Proud Parents                                           Bruce and Fiona.”

Isn’t that fantastic!! 

Thanks very much, Benjamin!  It makes a huge difference I hear the family also brought a friend along this year to join in which is great too.

For us, this is a great example of not only young people being a shining example to others but of the family nature of the Fun Run!


For those who are still collecting in their sponsorship, thanks very much!  Every pound really makes a difference so please do what you can to get the sponsorship and donations in. 

If you would like to find out more about why Benjamin’s support is so important and to support the Ethiopia Food Crisis Appeal, you can do that here.

For everyone, please come and join in the Fun next December as a participants or by giving a bit of time to help it go well on the day.  It’s the same time, and place – 1pm on 27 December at Wavertree Athletics Centre for the 34th CAFOD Fun Run around “The Mystery” Park!  It’s a great occasion!  Contact us for more details 0151 228 4028

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