Sister Mary completes the Liverpool Fun Run, whilst in Romania!

Sister Mary Murphy tells us about her experience of completing this year’s Liverpool Fun Run.


Sister Mary and Sister Ruth

The annual Liverpool Fun Run took place on the 27th December 2016. This event is traditionally held at Wavertree Technology Park, although for one participant, this location wasn’t possible. An inspirational nun, Sister Mary Murphy, completed the Liverpool Fun Run from a park in Romania! She raised over £1000 for the Fun Run, by completing a 7km run around Herestrau Park, Bucharest, in solidarity with the Liverpool Fun Run.

Not only did Sister Mary run 7km that day, she also attended two advent services! Her dedication is an inspiration to us all.

Sister Mary Murphy said:

“Last year when I was in Liverpool for Christmas and I took part in the Liverpool Fun Run with Sister Mary-Anne. I was probably the oldest person running and walking last year. I enjoyed it so much and I received a lot of support. I thought I’d try again this year, in a beautiful park in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

“Sister Ruth Casey ran and walked with me on a practice 4km; I had already practised twice during the month. I’m glad I completed some training.

“I said I would do it whatever the weather, fortunately I was very lucky and the weather was probably just like Liverpool – cold and clear. Today it is minus 10, but I have still seen people running! I am not a runner, I can run for about half a kilometre without stopping, I am 64!”

Plants and crops  are struggling to grow in arid conditions

Plants and crops are struggling to grow in arid conditions

This year, the funds raised from the Liverpool Fun Run have gone to support CAFOD’s Ethiopia Appeal.

CAFOD are already responding to the food crisis through local Ethiopian partners. The devastating food shortage has been caused by two failed rainy seasons that has led to a severe drought, fuelled by one of the strongest El Nino weather patterns recorded. CAFOD’s partners in Ethiopia have been responding to the crisis since last year, reaching people with emergency food assistance and clean water.

Each year, the Liverpool Fun Run supports a different CAFOD campaign. You can be part of next year’s Fun Run. For more information, contact Ged and Colette.

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