St Joseph’s make a big splash for CAFOD!

The children at St Joseph’s Primary School in Anderton have been raising money for CAFOD’s Big Fish Appeal.  Mrs Fiona Brownsey: Headteacher reports that Class 5 performed an Assembly for parents during which they shared the story of Florence and the fish.


The children at St Joseph’s inspiring us all!

“It was a great assembly and the whole school community responded very generously with their donations. Our children in Class 6 are planning some fun lunchtime stalls for the last week of term so that we can raise more money for the East Africa Crisis Appeal.”


Florence has responded with her friends and neighbours too by helping them in their turn to do the same so that now more families in her village have taken up the idea with the support of CAFOD’s partner who literally helps them to get started with tools, training, food and the baby fish.  They are helping themselves to make lasting changes. 

Fiona adds, “I am always very moved by the generosity which our children show when they hear about people around the world who are in need. One of our Year 6 pupils gave half of his birthday money recently towards the World Gifts appeal. I am very proud of the children at St. Joseph’s.”

Thank you for your magnificent example to us all!

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