Update from St Bartholomew’s

The difficulties that CAFOD’s partners are helping people to address mean that we need to be as generous as we can.  In amongst our daily concerns we can forget that very many of our sisters and brothers overseas are struggling because they cannot rely on having the basics of life sometimes.
A group of children in St Bartholomew’s Catholic Primary School in Rainhill had seen the example from their staff and schoolmates during Lent who had raised over £1,500 for CAFOD’s work.  Afterwards, they had their pocket money but rather than buying some chocolate as a treat and to cheer themselves up, Philipa suggested that they could feel even better if they raised some funds themselves for CAFOD at home.  So she and some of her friends nearby, Ellie, Evie, Luke, Mia and Reese, got together and spent their money on ingredients for cakes which they baked and started selling their cakes at 50p in their road….  It was a hot day and soon they found that ice lollies went down well too! 
Sometime later, they had amassed the amazing sum of £28 and had a great time and quietly admitted to me that the group had felt “really good!”  Thanks so much, Philipa!  What a wonderful example you are to us and here she is with Mrs Joanne Harrison from St Bart’s!

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