CAFOD Liverpool Office Takes Action on Fairtrade Campaign


CAFOD’s latest campaign action is targeting Sainsbury’s in response to their decision to move away from the Fairtrade label on some of their tea products, replacing it with their own ‘Fairly Traded’ tea. We are concerned that this could result in unfair deals for poor farmers. The Fairtrade Foundation has said that 229,000 farmers would be affected by Sainsbury’s proposed change, which is why it is so important to get involved and tell Sainsbury’s: Don’t Ditch Fairtrade!

The campaign is simply asking if you could get a photo taken in front of your local Sainsbury’s with the tea mug prop and then sign and give over the letter to the store manager. Fairtrade and tea are two things that we feel particularly strong about in the Liverpool office, so we took a trip down to our local Sainsbury’s to get involved.

Ged, Colette, Rosie, Stephen, and myself all signed the campaign letter and took our CAFOD banner, flags and tea mug down to Sainsbury’s. Ged handed the letter to the Duty Manager, who said he would pass it on to Sainsbury’s PR department for a response. We have put together a video of our visit, which you can find on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We enjoyed getting out of the office and getting involved with this campaign, and it’s so easy to do. See what you can do to get involved, and if you do we would love to hear about it in the Liverpool Office!

Written by Emily McIndoe, Campaigns volunteer 

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