Swop Shop at St Anne’s Ormskirk

St Anne’s Parish in Ormskirk hosted a Swop Shop this weekend, after the 10.30am Mass on Sunday 3rd February, during the normal tea and coffee after Mass.

The event allowed people to bring along up to 4 items each, such as DVD’s, books, jigsaws and games to swop. Some Swop Shops also include clothes. People are given one token for each item they bring, which they can then use to “buy” a different item in the shop. At the end they are asked to take away the items they brought if they are unsold. The event promotes recycling, living simply and a community spirit.


This is not the first time St Anne’s have held a Swop Shop, the first time was part of their successful attempt to become a Live Simply Parish, an award they received last January, making them the first parish in the Liverpool Archdiocese to receive the award!


Pam Collier, who organised the event said “I would recommend this type of event to other parishes. It is very easy to organise, creates a lovely social and supportive atmosphere atmosphere, provides positive outcomes for all and is in the spirit of Live Simply.”


“The way we organise it, there is no money involved so it is not a fundraiser. It could be done elsewhere with perhaps an entrance fee, although personally I think the free recycling is part of its charm. Nevertheless, monies were raised, through donations for tea and coffee, for the Marian Centre in Southport.”


CAFOD campaigners attend COP24 in Poland

On 5th December, I was privileged to join a team of CAFOD campaigners on a 24 hour coach journey to Katowice, Poland, where the COP24 (Conference of the Parties for the United Framework Convention on Climate Change) was taking place.

I’m sure you have all been following it in the news.

Our trip entailed getting to know other Catholic campaigners from across countries such as Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Germany, learning about their work in their own countries and the things they have been doing to try to tackle environmental issues.

CAFOD campaigners from the North West and North Wales credit Rosie Heaton

CAFOD campaigners from the North West and North Wales credit Rosie Heaton

The best day for us was Saturday 8th December, when we took to the streets of Katowice to join a march for Climate Justice, to show solidarity with the world’s poorest people who are affected the most by climate change.  It was brilliant to see such a great turnout overall, but in particular, to see CAFOD volunteers from across the country and spanning a wide age range, joining forces to be a loud voice for justice.

There was a great connection between the whole team, and we heard inspiring stories straight from people personally affected by Climate Change in their own countries such as Samoa, The Sami community in Sweden, Malawi, Zambia and Kenya.

It was a strong message to us as individuals to think about how we live our daily lives and how every action we take makes a difference, whether it’s taking a bus and leaving the car at home, having one less flight abroad a year, or changing our energy supply to 100% renewable energy.  And also a strong message to world leaders that they need to enforce changes within their own countries in order to reduce emissions and ensure our planet remains within a temperature of 1.5 degrees, otherwise the consequences are life threatening.

An interesting comment I heard from Joe, a Pacific Warrior from Samoa, was that people talk about Climate Change in the future tense, however, for people like him, Climate Change is very much present and already having a lasting impact on his community.

We need to work together to live more simply before it really is too late!

The Indonesia Appeal

On 28th September 2018, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. It caused more than 2,100 deaths and over 11,000 people were seriously injured. Potentially two million people have been affected and over 220,000 people have been displaced in evacuation centres or informal camps.

Our Caritas aid workers on the ground are being supported by our sister agency Catholic Relief Service (CRS), who are already addressing the immediate needs of survivors, with relief supplies including tarps, blankets and sleeping mats, as well as sanitation and clean up kits.

CAFOD supporters have already raised over £400,000 to help the communities who are most in need.

Students from the Catholic Society Liverpool Hope University have been out fundraising too. Assistant Chaplain Charlotte Walmsley wrote about their wonderful efforts:

As part of the Catholic Society at Hope University it’s important we are not only nourishing, encouraging and supporting fellow peers but that we are also reaching out to those in the wider community who need our help and support.

We decided it was essential for us a group to raise money for the people of Indonesia who had been affected by the earthquake, we stood outside university on the popular places which many students pass and asked for their donations, but we also spoke to students about why we were fundraising, it’s important that we tell others what we are doing so that they can have the choice to follow that up.

Over a 1 hour period we raised nearly £40, it might not seem like much to some people but every 1p and 2p which was donated added up to the total and will be sent over to help those in need, our donation will go towards a food pack or clean water, or medical supplies and emergency shelters.

For us it is not about who raised the most money, but it is about who has given what they could afford; as we hear in Mark’s gospel, the teaching about the widow who offered all she had, Jesus see’s those who give everything they have, it may not seem like much to us but it may be all that some afford but the generosity and the love which is involved is what God sees in all of us. As a Catholic society it is within our values to ensure the needs of everyone are tended to, it is through small acts which big things can come from.


Find out more about the appeal and donate here.

There is still time to sign up for our Campaigning Masterclass!

There is still time and spaces available for our free Campaigning Masterclass at the Gateway Centre, Liverpool, on Saturday 13th October, 10.30am – 4.30pm, which will be led by

members of our campaigns team and North West regional team.

Anyone aged 18-30 is able to take part for a day of developing campaigning skills and learning how to truly make a difference through campaigning. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop your campaigning skills alongside other like-minded individuals and to learn more about CAFOD’s work!

CAFOD’s campaigning targets those in need through tackling the issues of hunger and poverty, as well as speaking out for justice in order for families and communities to truly flourish. Through our campaigns we can help thousands more communities overseas than we would fundraising alone.

Our campaigning reinforces CAFOD’s relationships with politicians, and enables our research and recommendations to reach the people who have the power to put them into practice. We make a difference when we join our voices with others who feel the same, as part of coalitions including all faiths and none.

The masterclass will comprise of interactive and informative sessions on the following topics:

  • How to campaign effectively
  • How to engage with your MP
  • Campaign success stories
  • How to make the most out of your campaign
  • How you can get involved with your local CAFOD

All crucial skills to have to be a key campaigner in the future!

This is a one day course which is completely free of charge, and lunch will be provided!

To find out more and to secure your free place, email emcindoe@cafod.org.uk by Monday 8th October.

CAFOD Campaigning Masterclass

Attend CAFOD’s first Campaigning Masterclass for free!



St Anne’s, Overbury Street, Shares the Journey!

On Sunday 1st July, members of St Anne’s parish Shared the Journey with a walk and picnic in the park. 50 people walked round the park, rounding up a dedicated week of walking from parishioners, who have walked a total of 430 miles! The parish had walkers of all ages taking part, with 15 children and lots of families joining in the picnic, and one 87yr old parishioner walking an amazing total of 10 miles during the week! What a fantastic effort.

Their fantastic effort adds to our CAFOD total miles, which at the moment is over 92,000 miles!

CAFOD supporter, Anne Marie, said, “We had a really good response from 50 people. We decided the best option would be to invite our parishioners to come together for a picnic after mass in Sefton Park before setting off on our walks, where we left it up to the individual how far they chose to walk. Some did half a mile, others did the whole 2.4 mile distance of the park. Those who could not join us for the walk took a prayer card and made their own pilgrimages, adding lots of extra miles to our total too. We were blessed with the weather and we didn’t need an excuse to have a picnic, it was a great event to bring our parish community together and show our support for refugees and migrants”.

CAFOD Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, Emily McIndoe, said, “It’s so wonderful to see so many people of all ages joining together to share their support for refugees and the Share the Journey campaign. What a wonderful event!”