Who is my neighbour? The Lampedusa Cross helps us find out


Archbishop McMahon blesses the Liverpool Lampedusa Cross

Ged Edwards from CAFOD Liverpool went recently to the Isle of Man and writes about some of his experiences there in his work for CAFOD.

Pope Francis has asked us during the Year of Mercy to Welcome the Stranger.  The Lampedusa Cross is having a big impact on parishes and schools wanting to understand the lives of people fleeing war, persecution and the impacts of climate change.

The Cross was blessed by Archbishop McMahon, and it has since visited parishes and schools across the Archdiocese.  Here is an update!

Welcoming the Stranger was the theme of the Justice and Peace Commission Assembly and the perfect setting for the 30-minute liturgy called The Lampedusa Cross Pilgrimage. People were able to appreciate more the terrible suffering of many through simple telling stories, like Amina’s who is living in a displaced people’s camp in Darfur:

“I was sleeping when I heard our village being attacked. I didn’t know who was shooting at us or why, their faces were covered. First they came on camels and horses, then they came in heavy vehicles, and then they came on foot. There was so much screaming, people running, and fire everywhere. I was so afraid I just ran. I didn’t even put my shoes on.” Continue reading