Liverpool Universities campaign for creation

On Thursday 28th March, students from the Liverpool Universities Catholic Society came

Cathsoc Creation Mass for CAFOD

Cathsoc Creation Mass for CAFOD

together for a Creation Mass, quiz and curry as part of CAFOD’s new ‘Our Common Home’ campaign.

Climate change affects our health, our homes, our heritage and our beautiful landscapes. It ruins the work we do to fight poverty and lead better lives. We know that to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must limit global temperature rise to 1.5C. Going above 1.5C warming could multiply hunger, migration and conflict. To stand the best chance of avoiding this, we need the UK to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ‘net zero’ by 2045. This will mean Britain no longer contributes to climate change. You can sign our petition to the government too!

Cathsoc shared meal after creation mass

Cathsoc shared meal after creation mass

The event started with Fr Neil Ritchie leading a Creation Mass, which included creation themed hymn, prayers and readings. He also showed a video of Pope Francis speaking about the importance of caring for our common home. The mass was followed by a vegetarian curry and rice made by one of the students which was enjoyed by all. CAFOD Representative, Kelly Habarugira, introduced the campaign to the students, explaining why we, as Catholics, need to join the fight against climate change and encouraged attendees to sign the petition. The climate change quiz was a big hit, sparking debates about the impact our everyday lives have on our environment, CAFOD’s work and the need to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C.

Kelly said “Overall, I think it was a very successful event. We read the organiser’s guide and executed the event in our own style. It was easy to step up the event due to the amount of attendees and the division of responsibilities. Everyone enjoyed the evening, and the quiz was very informative and competitive!”

Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, Emily McIndoe, said “I thoroughly enjoyed the

Cathsoc students at Creation Mass for CAFOD

Cathsoc students at Creation Mass for CAFOD

Creation Mass and quiz, Kelly and the CathSoc committee did a fantastic job – everyone got involved and it was great to see so many students coming together to campaign for climate change. This was the first event for the new campaign in the Liverpool diocese, and it is a wonderful indicator of exciting things to come!”

Find out how you can get involved with Our Common Home.

CAFOD campaigners attend COP24 in Poland

On 5th December, I was privileged to join a team of CAFOD campaigners on a 24 hour coach journey to Katowice, Poland, where the COP24 (Conference of the Parties for the United Framework Convention on Climate Change) was taking place.

I’m sure you have all been following it in the news.

Our trip entailed getting to know other Catholic campaigners from across countries such as Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Germany, learning about their work in their own countries and the things they have been doing to try to tackle environmental issues.

CAFOD campaigners from the North West and North Wales credit Rosie Heaton

CAFOD campaigners from the North West and North Wales credit Rosie Heaton

The best day for us was Saturday 8th December, when we took to the streets of Katowice to join a march for Climate Justice, to show solidarity with the world’s poorest people who are affected the most by climate change.  It was brilliant to see such a great turnout overall, but in particular, to see CAFOD volunteers from across the country and spanning a wide age range, joining forces to be a loud voice for justice.

There was a great connection between the whole team, and we heard inspiring stories straight from people personally affected by Climate Change in their own countries such as Samoa, The Sami community in Sweden, Malawi, Zambia and Kenya.

It was a strong message to us as individuals to think about how we live our daily lives and how every action we take makes a difference, whether it’s taking a bus and leaving the car at home, having one less flight abroad a year, or changing our energy supply to 100% renewable energy.  And also a strong message to world leaders that they need to enforce changes within their own countries in order to reduce emissions and ensure our planet remains within a temperature of 1.5 degrees, otherwise the consequences are life threatening.

An interesting comment I heard from Joe, a Pacific Warrior from Samoa, was that people talk about Climate Change in the future tense, however, for people like him, Climate Change is very much present and already having a lasting impact on his community.

We need to work together to live more simply before it really is too late!

Campaigns masterclass for aspiring campaigners!

We’re looking for young adults aged 18-30, who are passionate about campaigning, to come and join us for a free Campaigning Masterclass at the Gateway Centre, Liverpool, on Saturday 13th October, 10.30am – 4.30pm.

CAFOD’s campaigning tackles the causes of poverty and hunger, not just the symptoms. Speaking out for justice goes hand in hand with our work overseas to help vulnerable families and communities to flourish.

It enables us to help thousands more communities than we could through fundraising alone, by advocating for changes in policy and practice to reduce poverty overseas. It includes political campaigning, but it is not party political.

Our campaigning reinforces CAFOD’s relationships with politicians, and enables our research and recommendations to reach the people who have the power to put them into practice. We make a difference when we join our voices with others who feel the same, as part of coalitions including all faiths and none.

The masterclass is a fantastic opportunity to develop your campaigning skills alongside other like-minded individuals and to learn more about CAFOD’s work!

Harnessing the expertise and specialisms within the organisation, the masterclass will be led by a members of our campaigns team and North West regional team.

After a day of building your skills, you’ll be supported to put what you’ve learned into action, to show solidarity and support for the world’s poorest people.

The masterclass will comprise of interactive and informative sessions on the following topics:

All crucial skills to have to be a key campaigner in the future!

This is a one day course which is completely free of charge, and lunch will be provided!

To find out more and to secure your free place, email by Monday 8th October.

CAFOD Campaigning Masterclass

Attend CAFOD’s first Campaigning Masterclass for free!

Colette takes on the CAFOD’s Climate Champion opportunity!

Climate change, living more sustainably and caring for creation are crucial parts of our faith.  Being a Climate Champion is CAFOD’s international volunteer opportunity that will enable young people to gain new experiences, meet other volunteers from across Europe and play their part in creating a better world.  CAFOD in Liverpool’s Community Participation Coordinator, Colette Byrne, has taken on the challenge and is excited about the opportunities ahead.  She said, “I’m really excited to be volunteering for CAFOD as a Climate Champion!  It will be really good to experience an opportunity that usually I am promoting to other people’.

As a CAFOD climate champion, young people from across England and Wales will take part in international workshops on sustainability with other Catholic young people from across Europe. On their return, they will raise awareness about climate change and sustainable living in our communities.

‘I will be going to a sustainability camp in Belgium for a few days at the beginning of July with 14 other Climate Champions.  I am really intrigued to hear about new ways to live sustainably.  Its so important that we think about the way that we live.  Unfortunately, the world’s poorest people are impacted most by the effects of Climate Change, so the more we can do to prevent further damage to our planet, the better’.

‘I hope to learn a lot and to be able to bring it home, especially to discuss ideas with our Live Simply parishes and those considering to take on the award”.

We wish Colette lots of luck on her trip and look forward to hearing about it on her return!


CAFOD’s Climate Champions 2018 are ready for their trips to Poland and Belgium in the summer


Share a green heart to show you care about climate change this Valentine Day

Written by CAFOD volunteer Beth Crumpton

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  You are undoubtedly surrounded by shops filled with gifts for your nearest and dearest, but this year you can really make it count by supporting CAFOD’s green heart campaign and showing your love for God’s creation.



Show the love this Valentine’s Day

This February, show you care by starting a conversation on climate change by crafting and sharing your own green heart.

Our beautiful world is under threat from the changing climate, and it’s the poorest people who are most vulnerable. One in five of our sisters and brothers still don’t have access to the clean energy they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

Last year students from Liverpool Hope University made their mark by holding a bake sale, pledging to go greener and sharing what they treasure about our planet: beaches, mountains, trees and bees!  It was a great way to consciously take action and to understand the changes our world is seeing.




Get involved!

Follow Liverpool Hope’s lead and hold your own event with your parish or school community. This campaign is perfect for children’s liturgy.

Small actions contribute to making big changes, so this February we’d encourage you to make and share your green heart.


The more creative, the better!



CAFOD’s campaign volunteer co-ordinator in Liverpool, Emily McIndoe, said: “It’s so easy to support this campaign and share your love for the environment. What a fun way to get children involved in liturgy, and a brilliant activity to complete with your family, friends and fellow parishioners.  You could even hold your own green theme coffee morning!”

If you hold your own event, don’t forget to share your photos with us on Twitter or by email We’d love to see your creations!

Find out more about the campaign.