Good wishes from Wigan to Brazil

Written by Estefania

Children’s passion and creativity always go beyond what we expect and the notice board from St Aidan’s church in Winstanley is just an example of that. This cheerful mural is 2m x 1m and right now is at the back of the church.



This Lent, the children from St Aidan’s from age 3 to 7, have created this mural which has been inspired by the prayers from CAFOD Lent appeal and they have also included at the top of the mural the cards that they received from Brazil for Christmas in relation to the project Connect2 Brazil.

CAFOD started to work in Brazil in 1968 to go beyond people’s basic needs and also tackle the underlying causes of poverty and injustice by challenging the government to take responsibility for its citizens. There are different parishes that have supported this project and one of them is St Aidan’s church which has been supported CAFOD for 30 years and involved in Connect2 Brazil for at least 15 years.

During that time, there have been different visitors from Brazil to come and talk to their church to help and raised money as well as to stop the eviction from the Maua building in Brazil. So, this mural had those Christmas cards as a reminder to St Aidan and everyone who walk in there of the impact of our actions, sometimes is difficult to see if donations or signing up petitions will ever work and this is a clear demonstration that they do. It is awesome how much we might be helping with so little.

The story behind this mural is also a reflexion of Lent, inspired CAFOD’s Lent appeal. The idea of the tree is that Our Faith is rooted in Christ, said Dorothy Mather, one of St Aidan’s parishioners, and each week in St Aidan a group of children are taken from the Liturgy of the Word during mass and read the gospel and select a theme on which to focus.

As an example of how these marvellous children have created the display the first week they made the leaves to decorate the tree with the Give it Up logo to say what they were giving up for Lent this year.  The raindrops represent the CAFOD ‘turn treats into toilets’ about clean water and sanitation and the apples are to represent the fruits of the spirit.

This story is really inspiring to all of us and from CAFOD Liverpool office we want to congratulate St Aidan’s and hope that everyone else will get inspired by the actions of St Aidan’s parishioners and the little ones.







Help Support The Maua Community in Brazil #ficamaua


Colette’s supporting the #Ficamaua campaign, are you?

CAFOD’s Connect2 project in Brazil focuses on the communities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. One of these is the Maua community which resides in the Maua building in the centre of Sao Paulo. The building was originally a hotel, but was left empty for 17 years until over 200 homeless families renovated it and moved in in 2007. Since then, they have been desperately trying to win their legal rights to live there and have recently been engaging in negotiations with the authorities. The situation has now become urgent as a shock eviction notice has been given to the community, meaning that over 200 families now face being forced out of their homes by police on 22nd October 2017.

CAFOD’s partner in Brazil APOIO is currently working with the Maua community to try and defend their right to secure housing, however there is no further legal option to save the community. This means that the only option left to them is for the international Catholic community to put pressure on the authorities to stop the eviction.


CAFOD supporters in the Archdiocese supporting the #Ficamaua campaign

Neti de Araujo, a community leader within the Maua community who has met with CAFOD supporters in the past has said: “We in the Maua community have spent 10 years living in this building which we have cleaned, looked after and made into a home for 237 families. For years we have been negotiating for the acquisition of this building for social housing with an affordable rent. Now we are at risk of an eviction. We have not been offered an alternative. We will have to leave our homes and live in the street. I am counting on you and your prayers”


Neti with her #ficamaua sign

Members of the Brazilian Connect2 community visited the Liverpool Volunteer centre several years ago, so this decision is especially difficult for us to hear about in the office. Staff and volunteers in Liverpool have been showing their solidarity with the Maua community.

Ged said “We have been involved with the Maua community for over 10 years and members of the community have visited Liverpool and we are stunned to see that the local authorities are trying to evict people who have improved their accommodation and need it so badly, particularly when it is such a fantastic community. We urge them to reconsider this decision.”


Ged’s supporting the #ficamaua campaign, are you?


Can you sign the petition asking the Brazilian authorities to suspend the eviction and to negotiate a just, permanent solution for the families? Can you print off the petition and ask people in your parish or community to add their signatures? Will you show solidarity with the Maua community by taking a picture of yourself holding a sign saying #ficamaua to share with us on social media?

Read more about the campaign

You Are Invited To Our Volunteers’ Thank You Celebration!

We would like to invite you to join us on Saturday 10th June 2017 for a Special Volunteer Thank You Celebration as part of volunteers’ week.


We will be meeting at St Batholomew’s Parish Centre in Rainhill (L35 6NY).

Doors open at 2pm for a 2.30pm start, and we expect to finish at around 5pm, after which there is the option of attending the 5.15pm Vigil Mass.


There will be an opportunity to look back over the past year, and an input from Weronika Ozerianska from CAFOD’s Latin America team who is newly back from visiting the Connect2 Peru communities!


Join us so we can express our gratitude for your hard work, and hear how your support is helping our brothers and sisters in the world’s poorest countries!

Please RSVP to Colette and Ged at CAFOD Liverpool on 0151 228 4028 or



XII Apostles School learns about El Salvador

XII Apostles Primary School in Leigh have been involved in Connect 2 El Salvador. They have been doing a great project across the whole school to learn more about El Salvador and the work of CAFOD.

Year 3 Teacher, Miss Sweeny writes:

‘This year, across the school, we are developing our knowledge of the wider community. As a school, we decided to focus on El Salvador, a country that we could connect with through CAFOD. The country of El Salvador was decided upon by the children last year after the School Council led an assembly, informing the school of different countries that we could help.

This term, we have been doing lots of wonderful activities to Connect2 El Salvador. We especially loved learning all about this country on El Salvador Day. On this day, each class completed different activities to develop their understanding of the wider world.

Learn more about El Salvador with CAFOD’s school pack

We found El Salvador on maps, learned about Oscar Romero, made graphs of the different climates, made our own El Salvador flags, prayed together, wrote our own prayers, created collages, made El Salvadorian foods and much, much more! It was a great day!

Pupils learn about the geography of El Salvador

Pupils learn about the geography of El Salvador

‘Not only this, we have been raising money over the term. We held an own clothes day where children brought a pound to wear blue and white (the colours of the El Salvador flag), parents made donations after watching our school nativity and each class has also been ‘investing in El Salvador’ by buying a piece of their class jigsaw.

El Salvador jigsaw

El Salvador jigsaw

‘The jigsaw made up a map of the country and a festive sign reading ‘Feliz Nevidad’ – Spanish for Merry Christmas. We even learned a Christmas Song called Feliz Nevidad and sang it as a whole school.’

A letter for children in El Salvador

A letter to children in Puentecitos, El Salvador


Ann, CAFOD Liverpool, says, ‘Thank you for your support XII Apostles! It looks like you’ve had lots of fun, and worked really hard! Everything you’ve done will make a real difference to the lives of people in Puentecitos.’

Learn more about how your school or parish could be involved with Connect 2.

Children dress up for El Salvador Day

Children dress up for El Salvador day

Hello from Ethiopia!

Pictured below are children living in the community of Sebeya who have received cards from some of our schools in Liverpool Archdiocese including St Basil’s in Widnes and Archbishop Beck. The children are in year 5 and nursery of the local primary school in Sebeya. Tamiru passed on the photos to us while he was visiting at the weekend and he emphasised how much the children loved receiving the cards so thank you to everyone who took time to write 🙂

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