Liverpool school raises over £1,500 to make a big difference this Lent



Joining in on the Easter fun

Joining in on the Easter fun

CAFOD supporters all over Liverpool have been fundraising for our Lent appeal; from soup lunches to non-uniform days, parishes and school have been coming together to help communities around the world.  

This was definitely the case at Great Crosby Catholic Primary School in Crosby, where on Friday 24 March, the pupils transformed their playground into a Marketplace and raised an incredible £1,500.

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The young pupils took part in an ‘own clothes’ day and came up with many enterprising ideas to raise money for the charity.

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CAFOD staff are thirsty for a challenge this Lent

Inspiring stuff! Thanks and best to you all in your endeavours!

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Mariacristina Lubrano from our digital team tells us about her colleagues who have taken up some really exciting challenges this Lent.

CAFOD staff ready for Lent challenges All motivated to succeed with our Lent challenges

Lent is a special moment for many people at CAFOD and, like every year, we got together to make this Lent count. So many people shared with me their Lenten projects and I am really excited to tell you about some of the things that my colleagues are up to.

Hopefully you will feel inspired by some of the ideas and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers while we carry on with our Lenten challenges.

Take on a Lent challenge of your own with our top six fundraising ideas

Hearing about what some of my colleagues are doing this Lent,  I felt moved by their Lenten commitment.

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Harvest Fast Day: Make your voice heard!

Ged Edwards, new CAFOD Coordinator in Liverpool, reflects on the incredible contribution from volunteers who speak at Mass.

Today, we are more aware than ever of other countries and of the lives of our brothers and sisters across the world. For many Catholics, this awareness goes way beyond booking the next holiday, and our relationship with our global family is especially close at key times of the year. Lent and Harvest Fast Days are times when we are particularly aware of our sisters and brothers overseas. At this time, we think about the support the Church offers through CAFOD.

Lent 2015 – Kyin Nu

During Lent this year, we introduced you to Kyin Nu – a woman from Myanmar who lost her two eldest children to a cyclone in 2008. Kyin Nu and her husband now have one precious daughter left. As the family faced terrible loss and powerlessness, CAFOD worked with our partner in Myanmar to help Kyin Nu’s community to restore buildings, farms and fisheries, and to construct new land defences. We have worked to make sure that next time – and, sadly, there will be a next time – Kyin Nu’s community know how to stay safe. Kyin Nu knows where to safely store her food so it doesn’t get ruined by salt water, where to run to when she hears the warning signal, and her daughter knows to pack an emergency bag filled with essentials like water, food and a blanket.

Volunteer to speak at Mass – contact your local CAFOD office

Carmel Donnelly, one of our volunteers in Salford Diocese, shared Kyin Nu’s story with her parish at Mass during Lent. A real person giving an account from their heart helps people to understand what’s going on in the world and what they can do to help. Carmel told me: “It was good to hear of a personal story, as it related to real people in need.”

Our relationship with our brothers and sisters

Volunteers always receive such a warm welcome when they speak at Mass. They tell me how rewarding it is to thank parishioners for their longstanding support and to give them details about CAFOD’s recent work. As our volunteers speak, they hold a thread between you here in England and Wales, and our brothers and sisters overseas. If this thread breaks, people’s lives can be so badly affected.

Preserving the thread – preserving that precious relationship – means life-changing support for thousands of people overseas, and it can inspire new supporters to act in solidarity. This Lent, people were inspired by Kyin Nu’s strength and resilience, and responded with fantastic generosity – raising over £5 million for our Lent Appeal. This incredible sum of money will make a real difference to thousands of people, like Kyin Nu, who are affected by disasters.

Be the thread – contact your local office to volunteer

The UK government also offered to match your gifts pound for pound, so your donations are worth an astounding £10 million. The government chose to do this because they know that donations to CAFOD get to where they are needed, and will be spent wisely by trusted partners with whom we work closely.

Your prayers keep us going

Our teams around England and Wales do rely on your financial gifts, but the prayers of the Catholic community are also vital to our work. When things are difficult, knowing that you are hoping and praying for a better world keeps me going. Our partners feel this too. When Erasmo Valiente came to visit us from El Salvador, he told us: “In the most difficult of times, you have always been with us. You have supported us through times of civil war and earthquakes. You are like the stars. Although far away, you always seem so close.”

Here in the North West, and in the dioceses across England and Wales, we ask for people to volunteer in the parish for CAFOD, or to speak at Mass, or offer whatever skills they have. The experience is always a rewarding one. After giving a talk at Mass, Sister Beatrice Molyneux FCJ told me: “I was grateful to those parishioners who came up to thank me for the talk. I was also pleased to meet some who offered to help as contacts in the parish. I am praying that some of these lovely people will follow up and assist their parish priest with CAFOD in future.”

Every volunteer brings life experience and an enthusiasm to work for justice. In the North West over 30 new people joined us this year in Lent to share our vision for a world free from poverty. And in turn, they inspired dozens more to put their faith into action. A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Lent Appeal.

Do you have a skill you can share? Contact your local CAFOD office to volunteer this Harvest


Do you have room for a child like Gift? Pumpkin leaves for every meal that’s all Gift and his family had to eat. When Gift needed us most, CAFOD was there. We helped his family set up a vegetable garden and made sure they had the seeds, tools and water they needed to grow nutritious food.

Today they have enough food. And they sell their extra vegetables for a profit which gives them hope for the future.

Fundraising with CAFOD means you get to play a part in changing the lives of some of the world’s poorest women, men and children.

With your parish, with your friends, at work, as a family, or as an individual – however you choose to raise money, you can have fun supporting our work. And this Harvest fast day we’re inviting you to share the harvest with people around the world who don’t have enough to eat. Thank you.

‘When you give a lunch or dinner, do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relations or rich neighbours … invite the poor’ 

Luke 14 12-13

St Maries in Standish celebrate Harvest Fast Day in style!!!

 Here is Peter Catlow’s account of the harvest fast day collection at St Maries in Standish: 

“At St Maries in Standish we used the Harvest Fast Day to make a special appeal for the thousands of children orphaned by the Rwanda genocide. We raised £795!

We also asked our parishioners to reflect on just how fortunate we are, taking the opportunity to thank God for what He has given us all. Several harvest baskets were taken upto the altar during Mass, which were blessed by the priest and distributed to a local drop-in centre.”