Swop Shop at St Anne’s Ormskirk

St Anne’s Parish in Ormskirk hosted a Swop Shop this weekend, after the 10.30am Mass on Sunday 3rd February, during the normal tea and coffee after Mass.

The event allowed people to bring along up to 4 items each, such as DVD’s, books, jigsaws and games to swop. Some Swop Shops also include clothes. People are given one token for each item they bring, which they can then use to “buy” a different item in the shop. At the end they are asked to take away the items they brought if they are unsold. The event promotes recycling, living simply and a community spirit.


This is not the first time St Anne’s have held a Swop Shop, the first time was part of their successful attempt to become a Live Simply Parish, an award they received last January, making them the first parish in the Liverpool Archdiocese to receive the award!


Pam Collier, who organised the event said “I would recommend this type of event to other parishes. It is very easy to organise, creates a lovely social and supportive atmosphere atmosphere, provides positive outcomes for all and is in the spirit of Live Simply.”


“The way we organise it, there is no money involved so it is not a fundraiser. It could be done elsewhere with perhaps an entrance fee, although personally I think the free recycling is part of its charm. Nevertheless, monies were raised, through donations for tea and coffee, for the Marian Centre in Southport.”


Ormskirk parish first in Archdiocese to receive livesimply award

Parishioners from a local church community in Ormskirk have been awarded for their impressive efforts to live more simply.

The parish is the first in the Archdiocese of Liverpool to be recognised for the achievement in the form of CAFOD’s livesimply award.


Members of the community from St Anne’s, Ormskirk, have spent the last year busy planning and completing initiatives to change their everyday actions to become more environmentally friendly and to live in solidarity with people in poverty.

The parish has previously held successful events to contribute to the community including hosting a lunch with a group of local asylum seekers, the children’s group creating environment-themed artwork and other members of the community making individual pledges to go green. Showing their solidarity and spreading the joy all around!


A tree of Live Simply pledges made by parishioners

The church also holds an annual collection for Asylum Link Merseyside, a charity supporting asylum seekers, and host an annual Fairtrade breakfast, which is always popular and a great success, a ‘swap shop’ and even organised a botanical survey of the church gardens.

Fr Godric Timney, parish priest at St Anne’s, said: “I am delighted that St Anne’s has been awarded the livesimply award by CAFOD. Receiving an award is but a stimulus to taking Pope Francis’ constant encouragement to care deeply for our environment.”


A Live Simply Art Display at St Anne’s Parish Centre by Pupils of St Anne’s Primary School

The parish has involved many of its 600 mass-goers in many activities, which has helped with supporting the church community in gaining this brilliant award.

Paul Kelly, a livesimply assessor for CAFOD, said: “Congratulations to St Anne’s parish in Ormskirk at becoming the Archdiocese of Liverpool’s first livesimply parish”.

Find out more about CAFOD’s livesimply award




2017 – A year of highlights for CAFOD Liverpool

Happy New Year from everyone at CAFOD Liverpool, we hope you had a successful 2017, and wish you the best for 2018. Here are some of our highlights from our work in 2017 (In no particular order)!

#Ficamaua – This Autumn 237 families were faced with the uncertainty of losing their home, but thanks to the support of CAFOD supporters from across the Archdiocese of Liverpool and further afield, we were thrilled to find out that there would be no eviction!

You can watch a video of our supporters holding their #Ficamaua signs by clicking here

CAFOD Liverpool’s campaigns co-ordinator, Emily McIndoe, said: “We’re so pleased with the result of this campaign.  The support from parishioners in the Archdiocese of Liverpool has been astounding.  What great news!”


Live Simply – Great progress has been made across the Archdiocese towards Live Simply, Our Lady of Lourdes primary school in Birkdale,  became the first school in the country to receive the livesimply award.

We also have a number of parishes working towards their awards, in various parts of the Archdiocese, including Ormskirk, Liverpool and Widnes, Colette Byrne said “We’re asking people to evaluate how they live their lives, and emphasising how it can impact our planet and the people living on it.  Pope Francis asks us in Laudato Si, to care for our common home.” With an assessment scheduled in January, stay tuned to find out more (don’t forget you can subscribe to our blog at the bottom of the page).


CAFOD Liverpool’s Office Volunteer, Stephen Cooke said “It’s been fantastic to see the growth of Live Simply in the Archdiocese, with the first Live Simply school in the country being from the Archdiocese, a parish having scheduled an assessment in January, and several more close to booking an assessment, we wish them all good luck, and look forward to seeing what 2018 brings for Live Simply in the Archdiocese”

Find out more about the Livesimply award.

David, Ged and Maggie reach the Philippines at last!

Ged’s trip to The Philippines – During the summer Ged, and two of his CAFOD Colleagues (Maggie Mairura, who is Ged’s counterpart in the Nottingham Diocese, and David Brinn, CAFOD’s National Schools Volunteer Programme Coordinator) visited The Philippines to see for themselves how money donated to CAFOD was used in the aftermath of Typhoons Haiyan and Melor.

typical Bayanihan blog 4

Ged said, “It was a great honour to share what we know and to work alongside our partners to deliver it.  We also took the marvelous opportunity to see first hand the projects that CAFOD supporters have helped to fund and the progress local communities we visited have made since The Philippines was devastated by these massive Typhoons.”

Tricycle ride!

Ged would be happy to talk to your parish, group or school saying “I’d love the chance to visit more people to share my experience, and give the people the chance to find out how their support for CAFOD helps people in areas such as The Philippines.  I was so impressed with how people work together there and how they battle with the natural disasters and the impacts of climate change as well as dealing with injustice on a large scale.”

If you would like to arrange a visit from Ged please contact gedwards@cafod.org.uk or phone 0151 228 4028.

power to be logo

Power to Be – Power to be was CAFOD’s renewable energy campaign which focused on the fact that every child has the power in them to achieve great things. But with one in six people still living without electricity, the hopes of millions of the world’s children are too often a distant dream.


Over 29,000 people across the country signed the Petition calling on Melanie Robinson, the UK’s representative at the World Bank, to shift the balance to support renewable energy which tackles poverty, so everyone can have the chance to fulfil their God-given potential.


Ged Edwards said “This is a campaign with a real focus – we really can make a difference in practical ways and it is so simple!”


Liverpool’s Thanksgiving Event for Volunteers – On Saturday 10 June, CAFOD volunteers from the Archdiocese of Liverpool came together to celebrate their achievements in an afternoon full of events, cake and friendship.


We heard from volunteers from across the diocese, some of whom were schools’ volunteers and parish volunteers from their local CAFOD groups.  There was such a huge mix of activities that people take part in for CAFOD: from beetle drives to giving talks in schools, from selling fair trade goods to holding collections after Mass… It is inspiring to see such variety and we are grateful for it all!

Colette said “We had a wonderful afternoon together and it was great to be able to celebrate our volunteers in the Liverpool diocese and share and inspire us all with the brilliant stories!”


Listening to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor – St Joseph’s Parish Centre, Wrightington played host to an “Inspiring” and “Great” day on Saturday, 8th July 2017 with Fr Peter Hughes and Sarah Croft in Wrightington providing the inputs.

During a “wonderful” talk that “provided much food for thought” Fr Peter described the influence that climate change is having on the indigenous communities in Peru.


After a short break, Sarah Croft, who is CAFOD’s Campaigns Manager spoke about CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign, the Live Simply award and the MP Correspondents scheme.


The day then ended with a shared lunch, you can see all of the videos in one place by clicking youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5UUtVasGFc-wnmD4j_YjtyHpUYB5a1iY


The 34th Annual Fun Run – As always our year drew to a close with our annual Fun Run, the 34th time it has taken place.

The run took place on December 27th, in cold temperatures, in Wavertree. Participants had the choice of running or walking 2km, 4km or 8km.

An incredible 257 people came together from all ages, and across the country (and the world) to help raise money for CAFOD’s work and to enjoy a fun day. Thank you to everyone who took part, and to our wonderful organising committee. More details will follow in the new year.

Stephen said “It was fantastic to see so many people come together and brave the cold to help  support CAFOD, a massive thank you to them all, and to all those who volunteered on the day, and to those who helped organise such a great day”


2017 was a year full of highlights, other highlights this year have included our annual memorial mass in November, our lent and creation time resources produced with the Liverpool Justice and Peace Commission, the use of The Lampedusa Cross and all the opportunities we have had to visit parishes and schools to talk abut our work.

We’re looking forward to another year of highlights in 2018, and hope that you, your family and friends have a wonderful year.


The CAFOD Liverpool office will reopen on Wednesday (3rd January) 2018.

Southport school first to win eco award!

Our Lady of Lourdes primary school in Birkdale, Southport, came together on Friday 3 November to celebrate being the first school in the country to receive the livesimply award.


Staff and pupils from Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School in Birkdale invited MPs, governors, and local clergy to boast their new award, which was awarded as they proved how their school community had been living simply, sustainably and in solidarity with people in poverty.

Ged, Justine and Paul from CAFOD  enjoyed a Fairtrade tuckshop and a special assembly led by the children.  A pupil from each class across the school who had showed unknown.jpgan outstanding commitment to the project received their own certificate, and classes took part in environmentally friendly activities such as bulb planting ready for spring.

The school kick-started their commitment to being eco-friendly when they won a £50,000 ‘eco makeover.’  They spent the money on installing solar panels and another panel which shows their output display clearly for the children to look at.  In the past, pupils also campaigned by writing to their local MP to request recycling bins in Southport, which was a huge success.

When the school, who are long-term supporters of CAFOD, heard about the livesimply award, it seemed like a national progression.  Children in the school attend a gardening club, growing their own fruit and vegetables, which they make soup out of and share.

Livesimply tree

LiveSimply tree!

Annie Swainson, chaplain at the school, said: “The ongoing effort from children across the school has been inspiring.  The support from families in the school is equally incredible and we are very grateful!

“It was great that so many governors, community members and clergy could come down to celebrate us being the first school to receive the award – it was a real community event.  This isn’t just a one off, it’s a commitment. Our livesimply actions will be carried into the future as we develop and grow the project.”

Each year the children fundraise for CAFOD at Lent and Harvest, as well as learning about issues across the world, including the refugee crisis.

Paul Kelly, who assessed the school in his role as a CAFOD volunteer, said: “It’s been brilliant seeing the enthusiasm of Our Lady of Lourdes school and how committed everyone is to respect one another, respect people in need at home or abroad, and respect the environment. They have really embraced Living Simply, from the large solar panels to the smallest trough of wild flowers, from paper recycling to growing fruit and vegetables.

IMG_7298.JPG“The school thoroughly deserve the accolade of being the first Catholic school in the UK to get the LiveSimply award. The presentation ceremony at a special assembly was really upbeat; a great celebration of their achievements. I loved the way they used the whole day to get classes focussing on new LiveSimply ideas for school and home, and I feel very positive the school will build their LiveSimply ethos in the future.”

Find out more about the livesimply award


Live Simply progress in Ormskirk

The LiveSimply award is awarded to Catholic communities who can show how they have been living simply, in solidarity with people in poverty and sustainably with creation. It celebrates what you have already done and inspires you to do more. The award is an opportunity to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”.

ls0We have several fantastic LiveSimply parishes across the diocese and more who are in the process of applying, one of which is St Anne’s in Ormskirk. Susan O’Halloran, CAFOD Volunteer, has been updating us on their progress. The parish is making great progress and has been holding lots of events to promote LiveSimply and to generate wider parish support.

Susan said “On the whole we’ve had plenty of church involvement and had success with things we weren’t excepting to!” She also said that their most successful event so far was their LiveSimply weekend; “we had a shared meal after the Saturday afternoon mass. We also had the bidding prayers and homily in line with the LiveSimply theme, and encouraged members of the parish to make a pledge. The pledges were then cut into leaves and we have made a display in the church of our LiveSimply pledge tree.”

Stephen Cooke, CAFOD Liverpool office volunteer and parishioner at St Anne’s added, “The organising group have done a fantastic job, many of the tasks have been so simple yet effective, an example being a bulletin audit, which has already resulted in a 25% reduction in bulletins printed each week, saving paper, ink, electricity, time and money. The actions will have benefits for the parish and the wider community long into the future”

It’s wonderful to see such enthusiasm and support for the LiveSimply award, good luck to St Anne’s in completing their award!

Could you and your community be more sustainable? Can you get involved in the LiveSimply award?

St Anne’s will be hosting a talk by Ged Edwards about his visit to The Philippines on 29th November, everyone is welcome to attend.