Swop Shop at St Anne’s Ormskirk

St Anne’s Parish in Ormskirk hosted a Swop Shop this weekend, after the 10.30am Mass on Sunday 3rd February, during the normal tea and coffee after Mass.

The event allowed people to bring along up to 4 items each, such as DVD’s, books, jigsaws and games to swop. Some Swop Shops also include clothes. People are given one token for each item they bring, which they can then use to “buy” a different item in the shop. At the end they are asked to take away the items they brought if they are unsold. The event promotes recycling, living simply and a community spirit.


This is not the first time St Anne’s have held a Swop Shop, the first time was part of their successful attempt to become a Live Simply Parish, an award they received last January, making them the first parish in the Liverpool Archdiocese to receive the award!


Pam Collier, who organised the event said “I would recommend this type of event to other parishes. It is very easy to organise, creates a lovely social and supportive atmosphere atmosphere, provides positive outcomes for all and is in the spirit of Live Simply.”


“The way we organise it, there is no money involved so it is not a fundraiser. It could be done elsewhere with perhaps an entrance fee, although personally I think the free recycling is part of its charm. Nevertheless, monies were raised, through donations for tea and coffee, for the Marian Centre in Southport.”


St Joseph’s Wrightington Share’s the Journey

War, persecution, natural disaster and poverty force millions of people from their homes. Inspired by Pope Francis, we respond with compassion and call on governments to protect the human dignity of people on the move. As part of our Share the Journey campaign, we have been aiming to walk 24,900 miles – the distance around the world. During refugee week, you have helped us to hit that target, and we have now walked twice around the world! Our aim in now to walk a third time around the world, to send a strong message to Theresa May that she needs to ensure that the UK takes a lead in refugee negotiations in the UN later this year.

It has been incredible to see how quickly CAFOD supporters across the country have come together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters on the move. We are now aiming to send an even stronger message by walking around the world twice! You can see how far we’ve walked already by checking our online totaliser here!


St Joseph’s in Wrightington have been walking to support our campaign. Volunteers manned reflection stations where the five refugee stories were read and discussed, creating a wonderfully reflective atmosphere along the walk. Fifty two walkers walked the route through the reflection stations, with children walking and collecting jigsaw pieces along the way. After the walk, participants shared coffee and cake, ending with a silent reflection.


CAFOD volunteer Ann Banks said “There was a great atmosphere. Seeing people walking and talking together today hopefully will help to build the family here in prayer and solidarity with our refugee and migrant families too”.

CAFOD Campaign Volunteer Coordinator Emily said “It’s fantastic to see how volunteers across the diocese are getting involved with this campaign and putting their own mark on their walks. The idea of involving the children with a treasure hunt for jigsaw pieces is an excellent way of getting younger generations engaged. What a wonderful event!”

Find out more about the Share the Journey campaign,


St Joseph’s Shevington Shares the Journey

Its the start of Refugee week!  War, persecution, natural disaster and poverty force millions of people from their homes. Inspired by Pope Francis, we respond with compassion and call on governments to protect the human dignity of people on the move. As part of our Share the Journey campaign, we are aiming to walk 24,900 miles – the distance around the world. You can see how far we’ve walked already by checking our online totaliser here!


St Joseph’s Shevington have joined us on our journey and contributed a fantastic 2,319 to our mileage total! Between Monday 7th and Saturday 12th May, families from the parish walked in solidarity with refugees and migrants. They were joined by primary school student from St Bernadette’s and St Marie’s schools, who each walked a mile a day for four days racking up an outstanding 1,668 miles!

On Saturday 12th May, 49 walkers chose between a 6-mile and 10-mile route, with parish priest Fr John Hindley among others successfully completing the 10-mile walk.

Later in the day, 81 walkers completed the shorter 2 and 4-mile routes, with 37 children completing a 2-mile treasure trail along the way.

All walks began with a prayer and when asked by members of the public what they were doing, walkers responded, “The Pope asked to walk so we are doing!”

CAFOD volunteers, and event organisers, David and Joyce Madden said:

“Pope Francis asked Catholics to walk in solidarity with refugees and migrants and CAFOD asked its supporters to walk around the world – how could we refuse?!


“Our group is a small one – of six members – but we are lucky and very thankful for the friends in the Parish who willingly step in to help on special occasions.  We announced our basic plan at the weekend Masses during the CAFOD Lenten Fast Day Talk. Refinements, brilliant ideas and the co-operation of our two Primary Schools and St Bernadette’s Nursery culminated in a very successful 5 days.


The actual walk day was hectic, noisy, full of laughter and eventually cake.   It made all the hard work worthwhile.”


All their hard work certainly paid off, and they have managed to get the Liverpool diocese’s total off to an incredible start!


Ged Edwards, CAFOD Area Representative, said, “It’s a fantastic achievement to bring together not just people in the parish but also local schools as well. St Bernadette’s does a brilliant job for CAFOD in keeping our focus on the pressing issues on refugees and migrants, and this is just one example of that.”


To find out more about how you can get involved with Share the Journey, visit our website: https://cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Share-the-Journey

Volunteer’s week celebrations!

We had a great time celebrating the achievements of our wonderful volunteers for Volunteer’s Week on Saturday at the CAFOD Volunteer Centre, where we had a Volunteer’s ‘Thank You’ Afternoon Tea Party!

CAFOD Community Participation Coordinators, Colette Byrne and Ged Edwards, baked home made cakes and scones to treat their volunteers and thank them for the hard work that they do throughout the year!


CAFOD Volunteers Pat, Irene and Pauline kindly helped with scone preparation.

Ged said, ‘Our volunteers do so much for CAFOD in their parishes, in local schools and in their communities.  We rely on them so much to spread the message of CAFOD’s work to the supporters in their area and they do a fantastic job!’

‘We were really keen to acknowledge their efforts, inviting them to our Volunteer Centre and giving something back to them, and what better way to do that than with home made cake!”


CAFOD Volunteers, Doreen, Pat, Irene, Pauline and Ricardo enjoying tea with Colette from CAFOD.

CAFOD volunteers are currently working on organising parish walks for the current Share the Journey campaign.

Colette, said, “The volunteers who attended the tea party really appreciated the opportunity to talk to fellow volunteers from other parishes in neighbouring areas, we would really encourage CAFOD volunteers to attend our future get togethers, not only to hear about the amazing work they are contributing to, but also to enhance the team spirit among all CAFOD volunteers’.


CAFOD Volunteer, Sr Jo Gleeson enjoyed tea and cake with CAFOD supporters from St Dominic’s Parish.

St Aidan’s show their support for Fairtrade Fortnight

St Aidan’s Parish in Wigan, has hosted a successful coffee morning to show their support for Fairtrade Fortnight.

The event took place on March 2nd at St Aidan’s Parish. There was a selection of home-made cakes, tea and coffee to choose from, as well as a raffle and trade craft stall

The coffee morning welcomed all members of the public including parishioners and pupils from St Aidan’s Primary School. Local MP Yvonne Fovargue was at the event, as she is a great supporter of the group, attending the event every year.

The international development charity CAFOD is one of the founding members of the Fairtrade label, which ensures the world’s poorest growers and producers are able to earn a decent living and earn a premium they can put back into their communities.


The Parish, who had previously participated in a very successful Lent Fast Day, decided to continue fundraising and host the event to raise awareness of Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight, which takes place each year at the end of February, and the astounding work it does for those overseas in developing countries.

Event organiser, Pat Boyle said: “CAFOD are truly wonderful, I don’t know how people would survive without their work and support for those in need”.


 Find out more about CAFOD


Written by CAFOD volunteer Beth Crumpton