Thank you for Sharing the Journey across Liverpool Diocese!

A big thank you to so many of our wonderful campaigners for taking action on the refugee crisis and showing support for people forced to flee their homes. We have had plenty of wonderful Share the Journey events across the diocese so far, and we still have two months of campaigning left!


We have now managed to walk TWICE around the world in solidarity with refugees, and now we’re aiming to walk round a third time! You can track our progress here and follow our journey as we petition Theresa May to stand up for human dignity and urge her to ensure that the UK takes a lead during UN refugee negotiations.


St Joseph’s parish card signing

St Charles and Thomas More, Aigburth have been working hard to Share the Journey. They’ve already held their first walk to Church Sunday event in which 19 people took part, and have plans for a second on 15th July. As well as these wonderful events, on Sunday 24th June (the last day of our Refugee Week of Action) the parish held a Share the Journey walk around Sefton Park, adding 18 miles to their parish total so far!

St Joseph’s, Penketh also supported the campaign by holding a card signing on Sunday 8th July, and managed to get over 170 people to sign petition cards that will be sent to Teresa May. What a fantastic effort!

CAFOD Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, Emily McIndoe, said “It’s wonderful to see so many different parishes get involved with this campaign, it’s so inspiring to see how enthusiastic and passionate our parish volunteers are, and they are achieving tremendous results! I’m excited to see how far we can walk, both as a diocese and as CAFOD as a whole”.

There’s still time for you to get involved and Share the Journey in your community and parish, so see if you can hold a Walk to Church Sunday event or Share the Journey Walk.

Find out more about the campaign.

St Joseph’s Wrightington Share’s the Journey

War, persecution, natural disaster and poverty force millions of people from their homes. Inspired by Pope Francis, we respond with compassion and call on governments to protect the human dignity of people on the move. As part of our Share the Journey campaign, we have been aiming to walk 24,900 miles – the distance around the world. During refugee week, you have helped us to hit that target, and we have now walked twice around the world! Our aim in now to walk a third time around the world, to send a strong message to Theresa May that she needs to ensure that the UK takes a lead in refugee negotiations in the UN later this year.

It has been incredible to see how quickly CAFOD supporters across the country have come together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters on the move. We are now aiming to send an even stronger message by walking around the world twice! You can see how far we’ve walked already by checking our online totaliser here!


St Joseph’s in Wrightington have been walking to support our campaign. Volunteers manned reflection stations where the five refugee stories were read and discussed, creating a wonderfully reflective atmosphere along the walk. Fifty two walkers walked the route through the reflection stations, with children walking and collecting jigsaw pieces along the way. After the walk, participants shared coffee and cake, ending with a silent reflection.


CAFOD volunteer Ann Banks said “There was a great atmosphere. Seeing people walking and talking together today hopefully will help to build the family here in prayer and solidarity with our refugee and migrant families too”.

CAFOD Campaign Volunteer Coordinator Emily said “It’s fantastic to see how volunteers across the diocese are getting involved with this campaign and putting their own mark on their walks. The idea of involving the children with a treasure hunt for jigsaw pieces is an excellent way of getting younger generations engaged. What a wonderful event!”

Find out more about the Share the Journey campaign,


Colette takes on the CAFOD’s Climate Champion opportunity!

Climate change, living more sustainably and caring for creation are crucial parts of our faith.  Being a Climate Champion is CAFOD’s international volunteer opportunity that will enable young people to gain new experiences, meet other volunteers from across Europe and play their part in creating a better world.  CAFOD in Liverpool’s Community Participation Coordinator, Colette Byrne, has taken on the challenge and is excited about the opportunities ahead.  She said, “I’m really excited to be volunteering for CAFOD as a Climate Champion!  It will be really good to experience an opportunity that usually I am promoting to other people’.

As a CAFOD climate champion, young people from across England and Wales will take part in international workshops on sustainability with other Catholic young people from across Europe. On their return, they will raise awareness about climate change and sustainable living in our communities.

‘I will be going to a sustainability camp in Belgium for a few days at the beginning of July with 14 other Climate Champions.  I am really intrigued to hear about new ways to live sustainably.  Its so important that we think about the way that we live.  Unfortunately, the world’s poorest people are impacted most by the effects of Climate Change, so the more we can do to prevent further damage to our planet, the better’.

‘I hope to learn a lot and to be able to bring it home, especially to discuss ideas with our Live Simply parishes and those considering to take on the award”.

We wish Colette lots of luck on her trip and look forward to hearing about it on her return!


CAFOD’s Climate Champions 2018 are ready for their trips to Poland and Belgium in the summer


Share the Journey – Our favourite Liverpool walks

We are so lucky to live in a place like Liverpool, where there is such a diverse variety of places to walk and take in the culture of our city.  From the city centre to beaches and squirrel reserves, we at CAFOD Liverpool have chosen our favourite places to walk.


It’s easy to get involved in our Share the Journey campaign and to log your miles.


Colette’s favourite walk is along Otterspool Promenade, Liverpool:


I often walk here as I love being by the waterfront and getting some really fresh air in to my lungs!  I love watching the sun reflect on the water, it gives a fantastic sparkle which is really magical to see on a sunny day.  It is a beautiful alternative to getting the car, bus or train in to the city centre, if you can take some time to walk along the promenade.  There are many people of all ages who use the prom, walking, cycling, running and it is enjoyable to see the fisherman’s catches too!  You can always hear lots of laughter around here.


Ged’s favourite walk is from the Catalyst Museum to Pickering Pasture, Widnes:


The walk allows you to take in the view of the estuary in both directions. The walk is flat and has picnic benches are available outside of Pickering Pasture, making it the perfect family day out. The walk also covers a lot of history making it not only a scenic experience but also an educational one.


Emily loves walking along the beach in Crosby:


Along Crosby beach there is an art installation called ‘Another Place’, which most people will know as the life-size iron men figures. The beach is nothing short of a picturesque seaside, perfect for a summers day outing. It’s also so different from other walks within the busy crowded city centre, giving you a peaceful alternative.


Beth’s favourite walk takes you past the best sights the city centre has to offer, from Pier Head to Queens Dock, Liverpool:


This route allows you to take in all the sights Liverpool has to offer, including the Three Graces, the Albert Docks and the Mersey. Starting at the historic the Liver Building you can take in the view of the city. On your way you will pass the Albert Docks, giving you the chance admire all the padlocks people have attached to the railings, while the Mersey runs alongside you throughout the whole of this walk. This is the perfect way to appreciate the beauty of Liverpool


Rosie enjoys visiting the squirrels on a walk at Freshfield beach:


Getting the train to Freshfield, and hopping off to walk towards the beach, you reach the red squirrel reserve – one of the last remaining red squirrel sanctuaries in the country.  If you continue walking on through the dunes along to the shoreline beach, you can turn left towards Liverpool or right, walking straight through to Crosby. Then you’ll reach the destination of Emily’s walk – a popular choice – and Antony Gorman’s ‘Another Place.’ There are no roads, just beautiful nature, and the fresh crisp air will certainly mean you sleep well that night!



Why not take in the views of Liverpool by gathering your friends and going on your own Share the Journey walk?

Good wishes from Wigan to Brazil

Written by Estefania

Children’s passion and creativity always go beyond what we expect and the notice board from St Aidan’s church in Winstanley is just an example of that. This cheerful mural is 2m x 1m and right now is at the back of the church.



This Lent, the children from St Aidan’s from age 3 to 7, have created this mural which has been inspired by the prayers from CAFOD Lent appeal and they have also included at the top of the mural the cards that they received from Brazil for Christmas in relation to the project Connect2 Brazil.

CAFOD started to work in Brazil in 1968 to go beyond people’s basic needs and also tackle the underlying causes of poverty and injustice by challenging the government to take responsibility for its citizens. There are different parishes that have supported this project and one of them is St Aidan’s church which has been supported CAFOD for 30 years and involved in Connect2 Brazil for at least 15 years.

During that time, there have been different visitors from Brazil to come and talk to their church to help and raised money as well as to stop the eviction from the Maua building in Brazil. So, this mural had those Christmas cards as a reminder to St Aidan and everyone who walk in there of the impact of our actions, sometimes is difficult to see if donations or signing up petitions will ever work and this is a clear demonstration that they do. It is awesome how much we might be helping with so little.

The story behind this mural is also a reflexion of Lent, inspired CAFOD’s Lent appeal. The idea of the tree is that Our Faith is rooted in Christ, said Dorothy Mather, one of St Aidan’s parishioners, and each week in St Aidan a group of children are taken from the Liturgy of the Word during mass and read the gospel and select a theme on which to focus.

As an example of how these marvellous children have created the display the first week they made the leaves to decorate the tree with the Give it Up logo to say what they were giving up for Lent this year.  The raindrops represent the CAFOD ‘turn treats into toilets’ about clean water and sanitation and the apples are to represent the fruits of the spirit.

This story is really inspiring to all of us and from CAFOD Liverpool office we want to congratulate St Aidan’s and hope that everyone else will get inspired by the actions of St Aidan’s parishioners and the little ones.