Woolton school build ‘wall of solidarity’ to support CAFOD appeal

Students from St Julie’s Catholic High School, Woolton, have added their names to their own ‘wall of solidarity’ to show their care to the communities CAFOD supports. The pupils participated in the Fast Day on February 23 to help them to understand the experiences that our sisters and brothers in developing countries face.

St JuliesAll year groups were invited to take part in the day’s events, with pupils fasting completely, feeding themselves for 24 hours on just £2 or donating tinned items of food, which were donated to the Micah food bank, formally known as Hope+ food bank.

The Fast Day was a massive success with over one-hundred pupils taking part throughout the whole school, which is a huge achievement.

Mr Anderson, from the school’s Chaplaincy, said: “St Julie’s have been strong supporters of CAFOD over the years and we’re proud to support the Family Fast Day campaign.

“We are very conscious of the work CAFOD do and want to strengthen their supporters throughout the school, by giving our pupils the chance to experience and understand the challenges communities overseas can face each day.  It’s great that they can make an active difference.”

CAFOD Liverpool’s, Ged Edwards, said: “It is amazing to see so many pupils get involved and show commitment to our brothers and sisters overseas”

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Meet Our Volunteer – Justine Silcock

We would like to say thank you to Justine, CAFOD Liverpool’s Education Volunteer Co-ordinator. She took on this role in 2015 as an already experienced education volunteer for CAFOD. Since taking up the role she has worked tirelessly to support CAFOD’s work in schools in the diocese and the effort she has put in is truly awe-inspiring. Even since taking on the extra role, she has visited over 30 schools!

Pat Liam Fox and Justine

Justine (Right) with Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox (Centre) and CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Pat Boyle (Left).

She has worked hard in supporting a new team of education volunteers, from recruitment and training to supporting them in their independent school visits. She has also worked with schools, building up strong relationships and their understanding of CAFOD.


On a school visit.

She is always looking to make the experience for schools and volunteers the best it can be, sharing her thoughtful reflections on poverty and justice, and inspiring volunteers and children and young people with her work.

She is also currently the co-chair of the Liverpool Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Commission.



St Joseph’s make a big splash for CAFOD!

The children at St Joseph’s Primary School in Anderton have been raising money for CAFOD’s Big Fish Appeal.  Mrs Fiona Brownsey: Headteacher reports that Class 5 performed an Assembly for parents during which they shared the story of Florence and the fish.


The children at St Joseph’s inspiring us all!

“It was a great assembly and the whole school community responded very generously with their donations. Our children in Class 6 are planning some fun lunchtime stalls for the last week of term so that we can raise more money for the East Africa Crisis Appeal.”


Florence has responded with her friends and neighbours too by helping them in their turn to do the same so that now more families in her village have taken up the idea with the support of CAFOD’s partner who literally helps them to get started with tools, training, food and the baby fish.  They are helping themselves to make lasting changes. 

Fiona adds, “I am always very moved by the generosity which our children show when they hear about people around the world who are in need. One of our Year 6 pupils gave half of his birthday money recently towards the World Gifts appeal. I am very proud of the children at St. Joseph’s.”

Thank you for your magnificent example to us all!

CAFOD Warrington Network – a first!


The first Network of CAFOD volunteers in Liverpool and Shrewsbury Dioceses has been formed!  CAFOD Parish and Education Volunteers from most of its 13 parishes came together last night and committed to working in their parishes together to support, inspire and encourage one another to Give, Act and Pray with CAFOD and raise awareness of our work.

A small Core Group with Chairperson (Julie Johnson from Blessed John Henry Newman), Secretary (Margaret Ord from St Joseph’s), and Mary Glennon (St Monica’s) and Christine Sherif (St Lewis’, Croft) as Communication Officers.

The parishes represented last night were St Benedict’s and St Oswald’s, St Joseph’s, St Lewis’, St Monica’s, St Peter’s as well as Blessed John Henry Newman.  Having decided unanimously a while ago that we wanted to work across the town and its surrounding villages, 19 volunteers and supporters met with Ged Edwards from Liverpool and Bridget Fenwick from Shrewsbury Dioceses in the beautiful surroundings of at Blessed John Henry Newman Parish Centre and after careful discernment, agreed to form a self-sustaining Network.  Ged and Bridget will continue to advise the group and offer support as it requests too.

The CAFOD Warrington Network will next meeting on Tuesday 25 April at 7.30pm at St Monica’s Appleton.  Wonderful!  Many thanks to you all for showing such commitment and leadership!

Join our Education Team at CAFOD

Did you know that as well as our overseas development work, CAFOD also works hard to

Justine Silcock, Education Coordinator, CAFOD

Justine Silcock, Education Coordinator, CAFOD

educate our school children in both Primary and Secondary schools, teaching them of the fair and just world that CAFOD is working towards and informing them of CAFOD’s work.

Justine Silcock is one of ten education volunteers working in Liverpool to spread the word about CAFOD‘s endeavours – delivering primary and secondary school assemblies and workshops on topics such as climate change, the refugee crisis, and water and sanitation shortages elsewhere in the world.

It is a role she embarked on in 2012, and one she relishes for the opportunity to raise awareness and understanding about poverty and injustice. “The children and young people give me such encouragement with their understanding and desire to find out more about the concerns of others living in less privileged parts of the world, and how we all, through CAFOD, can help them,” she says.

A former teacher at Wigan and Leigh College, Justine has also taken on the task, over the past year, of coordinating and supporting the charity’s new education volunteers in Liverpool Archdiocese. “This has been a great opportunity to share the experiences of the work with others and also to help to support the development of the CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Centre into an open and resourceful place for volunteers to visit,” she says.

We’re keen to attract new volunteers, Justine explains that the structure is in place to help ease people into the role. “Although education volunteering may be thought to appeal mostly to those with a teaching background, in fact anyone with a desire to, and interest in, spreading the word on overseas development to children, young people and their teachers and families, would be a welcome member of the team,” she says. “CAFOD provides excellent training and resources to use for assemblies and workshops.”

Justine’s involvement with us at CAFOD stretches some way back. She has been a committed and active volunteer in the parish of Margaret Clitherow in her local community of Holy Family, Boothstown for many years.

It is no surprise, given her involvement with the activities of CAFOD and the Church, that she is eager for others to follow suit. “If anyone reading the article, or anyone they know, would like to be part of our expanding team of volunteers, they should know we are recruiting now,” she adds, issuing a call well worth considering.

Our next training days are in the new year.  Visit cafod.org.uk or contact Colette Byrne or Ged Edwards at the Liverpool Volunteer Centre – tel. 0151 228 4028 or email liverpool@cafod.org.uk